Modern pirates call for modern measures

Sydney, 7 September 2009

Sydney: What happens if pirates hijack a boat to extort a ransom? Or, what happens if a voyage is terminated due to an act of war?

These are some of the questions answered in Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty’s (AGCS) most recent report ‘Protection against Piracy’, which responds to brokers’ frequently asked questions on how marine insurance policies respond to piracy.

AGCS in Australia released the report as a follow-up to the recent AGCS study ‘Piracy: An ancient risk with modern faces’.

The report will be available as a reference tool for brokers to use when discussing with their clients the exposure piracy might create for their business and what protection marine insurance policies may offer.

The recent events in one of the world’s busiest shipping channels off the coast of Somalia through the Suez Canal and Gulf of Aden demonstrate that the ancient risk of seaborne piracy against transport vessels continues to be a significant concern for international trade today, albeit with a new focus.

General Manager for AGCS Pacific, Stefan Feldmann said: “Pirates have been around for as long as people have used the sea as trade routes”.

“Recent events in one of the world’s busiest shipping channels off the coast of Somalia through the Suez Canal and the Gulf of Aden, illustrates that seaborne piracy against transport vessels continues to be a significant concern for international trade today,” Mr Feldmann said.

“It is often difficult to stay abreast of insurance policies covering piracy. The Report was developed create awareness around technical content on what an act of piracy is, and some of the salient clauses in the standard marine insurance wordings in use that could apply to acts of piracy,“ he said.

Included in the report are details on how marine insurance clauses may respond to piratical acts. Some of the key areas covered include:

The Report will assist brokers to understand how their clients’ marine insurance policies may respond to such events.

The total cost of piracy on the global economy has been estimated to be between US$13 and US$16 billion each year.1

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