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If you’re looking for a fun, exotic holiday destination, then Thailand is a great choice. Experience tantalising foods as well as sun, sand and smiles on the beautiful beaches. Don’t miss the Bangkok Silk Markets, Chiang Mai – the ‘Rose of the North’ or the luxurious resorts of Phuket.

One thing to consider for your trip to Thailand is a travel insurance policy. Each year, Australians are hospitalised in Thailand for various events, from motor vehicle accidents to food poisoning. If something more serious happens to you, you may need to pay thousands of dollars in medical expenses or to be repatriated back to Australia via air ambulance.

COVID-19 benefits
We offer travel insurance options that include COVID-19 benefits for things like trip cancellation and overseas medical and hospital expenses if you contract COVID-191 during your period of cover.
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This is a limited summary of some of our Travel Insurance plans only. Terms, conditions, exclusions, limits and applicable sub-limits apply. For full details and before making a decision, consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).
Our plan for just the essentials for a single return overseas trip
  • Overseas Emergency Assistance2
  • Overseas Medical & Hospital Expenses2
  • Personal Liability2
Our highest level of cover for a single return trip outside of Australia2
  • Overseas emergency assistance, medical and hospital expenses2
  • Unexpected trip cancellation2
  • Loss of or damage to luggage and personal effects2
Designed for those who travel often2
  • Overseas emergency assistance, medical and hospital expenses2
  • Unexpected trip cancellation2
  • Loss of or damage to luggage and personal effects2
Some key things to consider to stay safe and healthy on your travels.
Thailand has the possibility of flooding, severe storms and earthquakes. Refer to Smartraveller for current travel alerts affecting Thailand before you buy a policy, before you leave Australia, and during your travels.

Be mindful that water-borne, food-borne, parasitic and other infectious diseases (including tuberculosis, cholera, hepatitis, leptospirosis and typhoid) are prevalent in Thailand.

Malaria, dengue fever, and rabies exist throughout the year in regional areas.

Thailand’s hospitals and medical facilities may not be as well-equipped as in Australia. You may want to consult with a travel doctor or clinic before travelling to understand any options for preventative measures.

Allianz Comprehensive Travel Insurance is designed to cover activities like surfing and snorkelling. If you plan on getting more adventurous with activities like abseiling or riding a motorcycle, consider buying an Adventure Pack as an optional add-on.2,3

Read the PDS for a full list of sports and activities automatically included in the Comprehensive or Multi-Trip plans, as well as what additional activities the Adventure Pack is designed to cover.

Riding motorcycles, motorised scooters and mopeds aren’t activities covered under a Comprehensive, Basic or Multi-Trip plan. 

Thailand’s road safety risks and annual motor vehicle accidents are comparatively higher than Australia. If you plan to ride motorcycles, mopeds, motorised scooters or quad bikes as either the driver or pillion passenger, you might want to consider buying an Adventure Pack for an additional premium, which is an option for the comprehensive and Multi-Trip plans.2

The Adventure Pack3 is designed to cover eligible policy holders while riding on a motorcycle, moped, motorised scooter or quad bike if you meet the following conditions2:

  • You hold the appropriate class of licence (excluding learners licences) in Australia for the vehicle you’re driving, or if your Australian licence isn’t recognised in that country – a licence valid for the country you’re riding in.
  • When you’re riding as a pillion passenger on a motorcycle, moped or motorised scooter, the driver holds a licence valid for that vehicle and for the country it’s being ridden in.
  • You’re the driver of a quad bike and you’re not carrying a pillion passenger. Note that you’re not covered if you ride as a pillion passenger on a quad bike.
  • You wear an appropriate safety helmet at all times.
  • You aren’t racing or riding a motorcycle, moped, motorised scooter or quad bike in a professional capacity.

In Thailand, the quality of medical care varies from hospital to hospital. Don’t risk not being able to access the standard of care you’re used to at home.

An Allianz Basic Travel Insurance policy is designed to include cover for overseas emergency assistance and overseas medical and hospital expenses2. For coverage that is designed to include the above plus events such as trip cancellation, accidental death, and permanent disability2, consider choosing our Comprehensive Travel Insurance.

You can compare Allianz Travel Insurance plans to find out which product best suits your needs.

Our policies have a general exclusion on claims arising from cosmetic or elective surgery. Our policies won’t cover your surgery or any complications that occur as a result of it.

Refer to the General Exclusions section of the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

Thailand is a wonderful holiday destination for families. You can buy an Allianz Travel Insurance policy for Thailand that can cover you, your partner, your children and grandchildren. To be eligible for cover, children and grandchildren must be:

  • Under 25 years of age, and
  • Not working full time, and
  • With you for 100% of the journey
As soon as you know the dates for your trip to Thailand, you can buy your travel insurance up to 12 months in advance of the trip start date. If your policy includes cancellation benefit and your trip gets cancelled before you leave or you become sick and can’t travel, it may come to the rescue.2
Consider the option of buying a Multi-Trip policy, which remains valid for 12 months. You pay one premium for all return trips from Australia that you make that year. Simply choose each trip destination as well as the trip duration that will cover your longest journey: 15, 30 or 45 days.
  1. Policy terms, conditions, exclusions, limits and applicable sub-limits apply to particular types of losses, premium refunds (full or partial) or claims. This product has a general exclusion, with limited exceptions, against epidemics and pandemics. That means we don’t cover claims that arise from, or are related to, an epidemic or pandemic.

    However, you’re covered under selected benefits in this product if, during your period of cover, you’re positively diagnosed as suffering a sickness recognised as an epidemic or pandemic, such as COVID-19. Refer to the PDS to see which benefits offer cover in the event you contract a sickness recognised as an epidemic or pandemic, and the terms, conditions, limits and exclusions that apply.
  2. Terms, conditions, exclusions, limits and applicable sub-limits apply. Eligibility criteria may also apply. Refer to the PDS for full details.
  3. You won’t have cover under Permanent Disability and Personal Liability benefits for any claims arising from your participation in any of the activities listed under Adventure Pack or your participation in snow sport activities, even if you’ve bought a Snow Pack or an Adventure Pack.
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Any advice here does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs. Terms, conditions, exclusions, limits and applicable sub-limits apply. Before making a decision about this insurance, please consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)/Policy Wording and Supplementary PDS (if applicable). Where applicable, the PDS/Policy Wording, Supplementary PDS and Target Market Determination (TMD) for this insurance are available on this website.

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