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Mandatory cover to keep you moving
Our NSW CTP Insurance (also known as a Green Slip) offers competitive rates for safe drivers aged 30 years and over
Green Slip is the term used for Compulsory Third Party insurance (CTP) in NSW. CTP is a mandatory policy that generally covers anyone who drives your vehicle (including yourself) for injuries caused to others in an at-fault motor accident. CTP insurance also gives some cover to the driver of your vehicle if injured but at fault in a motor vehicle accident.
In NSW, you must buy a NSW CTP Green Slip before you can register your vehicle. 
Have you been injured in a motor vehicle accident? Making a claim with us is quick and simple. Find out what’s involved and what you’ll need to make a claim.
Find out what is and isn’t covered with our NSW CTP Green Slip.

  • Your liability
  • A NSW Green Slip generally covers the liability of anyone who drives your vehicle for injuries and death caused to other parties in a motor vehicle accident anywhere in Australia. 
  • Since 1 December 2017, a Green Slip can also provide certain limited statutory benefits to anyone who drives your vehicle if injured and at fault in a motor vehicle accident. 
  • Cover across the country
  • As long as your vehicle’s registered in NSW, the Green Slip covers the driver of your vehicle for injuries caused to other parties in a motor vehicle accident 24 hours a day, Australia wide.

  • Damage to vehicles or property
  • Your NSW Green Slip doesn’t cover damage to your vehicle, other vehicles or property. Visit Car Insurance if you’re looking for this type of cover.

The extent of Green Slip cover is defined by law and in some circumstances may be excluded, such as if the accident was the result of a serious driving offence.
Whether you’re new or looking to renew, buying a CTP Green Slip from us is easy – here’s what you’ll need to get covered.

To take out a CTP insurance policy, you’ll need your vehicle’s registration papers handy. If you don’t have these, you’ll need your vehicle’s registration plate number and your NSW driver’s licence number. If you need any help, give us a call on 13 1000.

We’ll also need you to answer some questions about things like your driving history, the drivers of your vehicle and any other insurance you hold.

When the time comes to renew your Allianz CTP Insurance policy, we’ll send you a renewal notice to your registered address. This notice will contain all the information you need. If you wish to renew with us you can renew online or call us on 13 1000.
The cost to someone who’s injured in a motor vehicle accident can be huge. Just think of the medical care and treatment costs that can be involved, as well as potential loss of income during recovery. In extreme cases, those who are injured can need expensive treatment for the rest of their lives.
To make sure innocent injured parties of motor vehicle accidents are compensated irrespective of the financial position of the driver that caused the accident, it’s mandatory for all vehicle owners to take out CTP insurance before they’re able to register their vehicle.
All registered vehicles need CTP insurance, including cars, trucks, motor bikes and motor scooters. Trailers don’t, as they’re covered by the towing vehicle’s CTP insurance.
Your CTP policy indicates the Input Tax Credit (ITC) status that’s been used to calculate your premium
Are you a taxi owner in NSW? Find out about your CTP payment options

If the motor vehicle accident happened on or after 1 December 2017 and you were injured in it, you may be entitled to make a CTP claim – regardless of who was at fault. For more information about when to make a claim, visit NSW Claims.

There are strict timeframes in relation to making a claim if you were injured before 1 December 2017.

Give us a call on 1300 131 319 to find out more.

Pay your Green Slip online or by phone and register your vehicle with Service NSW within minutes
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The price of your Green Slip will vary depending on a number of factors. The State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) regulates the CTP market and licenses some insurers to sell and manage CTP insurance in NSW. CTP insurance is defined by the Motor Accidents Injuries Act 2017 and, as such, coverage provided by all insurers is essentially the same.

SIRA prescribes a number of factors that all insurers must apply when setting their premiums. Insurers can supplement these factors with additional criteria that are deemed appropriate to determine premium levels. These factors include: the location in which the insured vehicle is garaged, your driving history, the age of all drivers of your vehicle, the age of your vehicle, the type of vehicle being insured, the purpose for which your vehicle is used and your entitlement to claim an Input Tax Credit on your CTP premium.

No. Learner drivers are covered automatically. Once they get their probationary licence, you’ll need to contact us to add their Date of Birth to the policy as the youngest driver.
You may only change your CTP insurance provider at the commencement of each registration period. Once your CTP Green Slip has been used to register your vehicle, the only way that you’ll be able to change insurers is by cancelling and re-establishing your registration (see “How do I cancel my CTP policy?”).

Your CTP Green Slip will cover your vehicle as long as it’s registered. To cancel your Green Slip, you must first cancel your registration with Transport for NSW (TfNSW), formerly the RMS. Any refund for the unused premium is calculated from the date TfNSW confirms deregistration.

Once deregistered, TfNSW will provide you with a letter which can be used as proof that your vehicle’s registration has been cancelled. Once this letter is provided, your CTP insurer can then process your policy cancellation and refund any unused portion of the premium.

No. CTP Insurance is attached to the motor vehicle registration. The CTP Insurance will be transferred to the new registered owner.
If your vehicle is deregistered due to a total loss or having been stolen, we’ll refund any unused portion of your CTP premium once we’ve been provided with proof of deregistration. Any refund for the unused premium is calculated from the date TfNSW confirms deregistration. 

From 12.00am on 1 September 2021, we no longer offer At-Fault Driver Protection insurance to new or renewing customers with CTP Insurance.

For CTP policies commencing or renewing prior to 12:00am on 1 September 2021 (‘End Date’) the cover offered under Allianz At-Fault Driver Protection Insurance Policy is available to eligible customers until their CTP policies first renewal date after the End Date. After the first renewal date, the Allianz At-Fault Driver Protection Insurance cover will no longer be available to those customers.

For full terms and conditions of the Allianz At-Fault Driver Protection Insurance cover, including details of eligible customers, please review the At-Fault Driver Protection Policy document.

The Fund Levy is a part of your CTP premium. It covers your ambulance and initial hospital fees, as well as lifetime care for the severely injured. It also preserves funding for future treatment and care for those who are seriously injured and not at fault in the accident. The Fund Levy consists of the Motor Accidents Operational (MAF) Fund Levy, the Lifetime Care & Support Scheme (LTCS) Fund Levy & the Motor Accidents Injuries Treatment & Care (MAITC) Fund Levy. If you have other questions about your premium or need help with a claim, call CTP Assist on 1300 656 919 (8:30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday), or send an email.

Customers who use their vehicle as part of a GST registered business are able to claim back the GST portion of their CTP premium from the Australian Taxation Office as an ITC when lodging their business activity statements. Due to different tax treatments, the cost to the insurer of claims made by ITC-entitled customers is higher than that for customers who are not entitled to an ITC.

For this reason, CTP insurers charge a higher premium to GST-registered customers that are entitled to an ITC. If you’re registered for GST purposes and are able to claim the ITC on the premium, you must answer “yes” to the question “Is anyone entitled to claim an input tax credit on this vehicle?” This is the case even if you don’t intend to claim the ITC. For more information, contact the Australian Tax Office or speak to your taxation advisor.

In December 2017, the NSW Government amended the CTP Scheme to better support people injured in motor vehicle accidents on NSW roads. The new CTP Green Slip reforms scheme is focused on early support and recovery.

Any advice here does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs. Terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply. 

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