Life Insurance claims

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We have a duty to all our customers to consider each claim fairly, professionally, and with empathy. We understand that making a claim can be a time of great stress, that’s why we aim to handle all cases sensitively and as quickly as possible.

We assess each claim based on medical and other relevant evidence, using guidelines and procedures in line with the policy terms and conditions, and pay approved claims promptly.

Allianz Life is a subscriber to the Life Insurance Code of Practice. To learn about our commitment to you, our compliance with the Life Insurance Code of Practice, and to obtain a copy of the code, visit our insurance codes and standards page.

Have a question about your claim? We’re here to help. Give one of our friendly specialists a call Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm AEST (excluding public holidays).
Lodging a claim with us is easy.
Call 1300 362 108 or email us and one of our friendly specialists will discuss claim options with you and send you the relevant claim form to complete, sign, and return to us.
We’ll only request information and supporting documentation that's relevant to assess the claim efficiently and accurately.
Once we’ve received the claim form, we’ll assign a claims case manager who will assess the claim and be your main point of contact.
We may request the following details to assess the claim:
  • Policy number
  • Medical information, which may include medical reports, clinical notes and test results from treating GPs and specialists
  • Certified copy of the death certificate (where applicable)
  • Proof of identity
In some cases, we may need further information and will either ask you to obtain additional information or contact the treating doctors or specialists directly.
Once we’ve received the claim form, we’ll do the following:
  • Assign a claims case manager who's responsible for managing the claim.
  • Call you to discuss the claim, and advise you in writing of the claim number, claims assessment process, and the contact details of the claims case manager.
  • Keep you up to date on the progress of the claim and encourage you to contact us if you have any questions.
  • Gather information relating to the claim and assess the claim.
  • Tell you in writing the outcome of the claim. If the claim is accepted, we’ll make prompt payment and provide transaction details. If the claim isn’t accepted, we’ll advise you of the reasons why, how you can provide more information, and your right to request a review.
We understand that not everyone agrees with decisions that have been made about their claim. If you’re not satisfied and want to make a complaint about any of your dealings with us, find out more about our internal complaints procedure and the external disputes resolution scheme we subscribe to.
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We pay claims that meet the policy terms and conditions promptly after all reasonably necessary information has been received and assessed.

If we make a full Life cover payment in the event of death or Terminal Illness, then that Life Insured’s policy will cease.

If you claim for a benefit under combined cover for either Critical Illness cover or Permanently Unable to Work cover and the claim is accepted, this will reduce the cover amount of any remaining benefits you have under the policy by that payment amount. In certain circumstances this may mean the end of a cover or the Life Insured’s policy.1

For eligible claims, the Life cover Buy Back feature allows you to reinstate the Life cover amount 12 months after full payment of a Critical Illness or Permanently Unable to Work claim. We’ll let you know if you’re eligible for Life cover Buy Back after your claim has been assessed.2

The assessment process and time it takes to make a decision about a claim varies according to the circumstances of the claim, the type of claim, and how quickly we receive all the reasonably necessary information.

In most Life cover and Critical Illness cover cases, we’ll make a decision within three months of receiving a claim form. For other more complex claims, including Permanently Unable to Work cover claims, we’re usually able to make a decision within six months.

Our claims team will keep you updated on the progress of the claim and will assess each piece of information promptly as it’s received. You can assist by returning claim forms and required documents as quickly as possible and by encouraging medical providers to do so as well.

Where a death certificate is issued without a cause of death, a Coroner's Report may be required. This may lead to a delay in determination of the claim.

Your claims case manager is your go-to person for any questions.

The medical history helps us to look at the circumstances leading to the claim and to confirm that the relevant duty (Duty of disclosure and Duty to take reasonable care not to make a misrepresentation) as outlined in the policy documentation was complied with when the policy was purchased, or the benefit increased or reinstated.

We’ll request medical histories in many instances, particularly where the claim is made on a policy that isn't very old, or where the diagnosis is not straightforward. This doesn’t mean that we don’t believe the claim is valid. We’re simply making sure that the terms and conditions of the policy are met.

There can be up to two Policy Owners on a policy – yourself as the Life Insured and an additional Policy Owner. If you have a joint life policy, there'll be two Life Insureds and both will be listed on the Policy Schedule as joint Policy Owners. Your death benefit will be paid to:

  • the surviving Policy Owner where one exists; otherwise
  • your personal legal representative (your estate).

Where a death claim is payable to your estate and the Cover Amount is more than $100,000, your estate must provide either a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration certified by either a solicitor, notary public, or justice of the peace before the benefit can be paid.

If there is no surviving Policy Owner, the death benefit will be paid to the person named in the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration, or into a bank account held in the name of the Estate.

Policy Owners have full rights over the policy including cancellation. To discuss adding an additional Policy Owner to your policy, call us on 13 1000 or access the Addition of policy owner form.

A payout from your life insurance policy may not go to the person you intend if you don’t have it stated in a will. If you die without having made a will, you are considered to have died ‘intestate’. This means that the Supreme Court must appoint an Administrator to allow them to distribute your assets, including life insurance benefits. Your life insurance benefits will be divided according to the Laws of Intestacy, which may not be what you want.
No, our Permanently Unable to Work cover assesses you against the same definition regardless of whether you experience a change in employment status or working hours at the time you become permanently unable to work. Refer to your PDS for the definition details or contact us directly on 13 1000 for more information.
  1. Combined covers
    If a payment made under Critical Illness cover or Permanently Unable to Work cover reduces any other cover amount to $0, then that cover will cease for that Life Insured. Refer to the 'Taking a combination of cover' section in your Product Disclosure Statement for full details.

  2. Life cover Buy Back
    Critical Illness cover and Permanently Unable to Work cover won’t be reinstated as part of the Life cover Buy Back feature. This feature is not included in all policies. Where this feature is included in your policy and is part of your Product Disclosure Statement or Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement (SPDS), refer to the 'Life cover Buy Back' section for full details and eligibility criteria.
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Any advice here does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs. Terms, conditions, limits, and exclusions apply. Before making a decision about this insurance, consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)/Policy Wording and Supplementary PDS (if applicable). Where applicable, the PDS/Policy Wording, Supplementary PDS and Target Market Determination (TMD) for this insurance are available on this website. We do not provide any form of advice if you call us to enquire about or purchase a product.

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