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Insure your boat with Club Marine, our boat insurance specialists

Our boat insurance provides cover for your boat if it’s involved in an accident, damaged or stolen. It also provides legal liability cover, which can protect you if you’re found liable to pay compensation to someone because you’ve accidently injured them or damaged their property while using your boat.

Our boat insurance also includes limited cover for accidental death and certain types of serious personal injury.

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Our boat insurance is provided by Club Marine, Australia’s largest boat insurance provider with over 50 years experience. Club Marine’s Pleasure Craft Insurance is underwritten by Allianz and designed by insurance professionals with a real understanding of boating. Club Marine has flexible cover options  for various types of boats.
Club Marine’s Pleasure Craft Insurance offers flexible policy options that you can choose from. We breakdown the main benefits and some of the exclusions, for full details see the Product Disclosure Statement.

  • Accidental damage or loss, theft or malicious damage
    Cover for accidental loss or damage, theft or malicious damage of your boat, motor(s), trailer, equipment, gear and accessories.
  • Legal liability cover
    Legal liability cover for personal injury and property damage caused by you or a person operating your boat with your permission.
  • Injury to an insured person
    Cover for the named insured person for accidental death or for certain categories of significant permanent personal injury up to $75,000 plus $10,000 (incl GST) funeral expenses.
  • Geographical limits
    Cover while stored on land or in transit in Australia, and while navigating inland or up to 250nm from the coast.
  • Fishing gear, water-ski and dive equipment and tools
    Cover for accidental loss of or damage to fishing gear, water-ski and dive equipment and tools. Sublimit of $3,000 per item, up to $30,000 total (not in addition to Section 1 limit).
  • Personal effects
    Cover for accidental loss of or damage to clothing, shoes, waterproof gear, wetsuits, prescription glasses, manchester, coolers, insulated flasks and hygiene items. Sublimit of $3000 per item, up to $30,000 total (not in addition to Section 1 limit).
  • Yacht racing and time trails 
    Cover for Yacht Racing up to 150NM. Extended Yacht Racing cover is available subject to acceptance criteria.
  • Race or tournament entry fees
    Cover up to $2,000 should a covered incident cause you to withdraw from a fishing tournament or yacht racing event.
  • Emergency costs and salvage charges
    Reasonable costs to minimise or prevent further loss following a covered incident. Such costs are payable in addition to the sum insured subject to a cap equal to the Section 1 limit.
  • Land towing costs
    Cover up to $1,500 for land transit towing of your boat on your own trailer to the nearest repairer.
  • Club Care benefits
    Up to $10,000 assistance following an emergency or unforeseen incident which gives rise to a claim, including:
    • emergency fuel delivery
    • returning your boat to your home or storage location following repairs
    • reasonable costs of temporary accommodation and transport home


Any claim caused by, arising from, or any way connected with:
  • Commercial use
  • Any activity specifically undertaken for the purposes of earning an income, or any activity registered as a business and which you are obliged by law to register for GST purposes. For example, hire, rideshare, or accommodation, unless previously agreed to in writing.
  • Condition or Wear and tear
  • Any claim caused by or arising as a result of the unseaworthiness, lack of repair or maintenance of the boat. Loss or damage caused by wear and tear.
  • Delamination, deterioration, corrosion and electrolysis
  • Delamination, deterioration, corrosion, electrolysis, osmosis, and blistering, unless there is evidence of accidental physical impact with a solid object which has caused a deformation in part of the hull from which the condition has propagated.

  • Mechanical or electrical failure
  • Electronic, electrical, or mechanical failure resulting in a breakdown or failure of your boat or boat parts. Accidental loss or damage caused in addition or due to the breakdown or failure will be covered.

  • Persons under the influence
  • Where you were aware that the boat was under the control of a person under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • Reasonable Care
  • Any claim arising from lack of reasonable care, protection or security of your boat and boat components.


  • Water-skiing cover
  • Extends liability cover to any person engaged in water-skiing, wakeboarding or aquaplaning activities provided they’re using recognised and commercially manufactured equipment and being towed by your boat with your permission.

This is a summary only of some of the features, benefits and exclusions. Policy terms, conditions, definitions and exclusions apply. We do not provide advice based on any consideration of your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before making a decision, carefully consider the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and full terms and conditions. The Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), Target Market Determination and full terms and conditions are available at Club Marine.

Club Marine Limited (ABN 12 007 588 347), AFSL 236916 (Club Marine) issues this insurance and handles and settles claims as agent for the insurer Allianz Australia Insurance Limited (ABN 15 000 122 850) AFSL 234708 (Allianz). Club Marine is a related body corporate of Allianz

When you choose Club Marine, you get more than just insurance, you get access to a range of Club Marine member benefits.
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You could get up to 25% discount off your premium depending on your claims history1
Flexible lay up periods with savings of up to 60% off your premium1 when your trailerable boat is not in use2
Choose to pay month-to-month or in one annual payment. A 7% service fee applies to monthly payments3
Choose your repairer in the instance of an approved claim4

The cost of boat insurance is called a ‘premium’. Your premium will depend on a number of factors and can change each year when you renew your policy. 

There are many factors that determine how your premium is calculated, such as:

  • Value of the boat or pleasure craft
  • The type of boat or pleasure craft
  • Construction materials 
  • The type of engine, fuel, power and maximum speed
  • Where and how your boat is stored when not in use
  • The level of third-party liability cover you include
  • Options taken such as water skiing or yacht racing, lay up cover, excess levels and geographical or navigational limits
  • Your risk profile 
  • Your claims history

The cost of Club Marine boat insurance ranges from minimum annual premiums in the hundreds of dollars for a low value aluminium runabout, to tens of thousands of dollars for a high value, top of the range cruiser or yacht. To find out the cost to insure your boat, get a quote now.

This depends on national and state laws and regulations, where you use your boat, where it’s stored, whether it’s under finance and other considerations. It may be worth considering boat insurance and the cost of replacing or repairing your boat, even if you don't plan on keeping it in the water. Your boat can still be covered for things like accidental damage, fire, theft or natural disasters.

Club Marine Pleasure Craft Insurance is designed by insurance professionals with a real understanding of boating, so you can enjoy your boating lifestyle. We do not provide advice based on any consideration of your objectives, financial situation or needs.

This depends on your home and contents insurance policy, though it may only provide cover when your boat is stored at the home location.

Club Marine Boat Insurance covers your boat when it’s stored and while you’re out boating.

  1. Discounts
    Any discounts offered are applied to our standard rates. Promotional or other discounts may apply from time to time. Minimum premiums may apply. Any discounts only apply to the extent any minimum premium is not reached. If you’re eligible for more than one, we also apply each of them in a predetermined order to the premium (excluding taxes and government charges) as reduced by any prior applied discounts. To qualify for the maximum no claim bonus of 25%, customers must have had no pleasure craft insurance claims in the preceding five years. However, customers who’ve had up to two claims may still qualify for reduced no claim bonus. Discounts are available at the time of printing and subject to change without notice.
  2. Lay up
    Lay up is only available for trailerable boats. Eligibility criteria and conditions apply.
  3. Pay by the month
    Pay by the month includes a monthly instalment service fee of 7%. Eligibility criteria applies.
  4. Choice of repairer
    Subject to policy conditions, including our right to request an alternative in some circumstances.
  5. Club Marine Assist
    Member Assist services are provided by Club Marine Limited. Roadside Assist services are provided by AWP Australia Pty Ltd ABN 52 097 227 177, trading as Allianz Global Assistance. Terms and conditions apply. Terms of service are available at Club Marine. 
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Any advice here does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs. Terms, conditions, limits, and exclusions apply. Before making a decision about this insurance, consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)/Policy Wording and Supplementary PDS (if applicable). Where applicable, the PDS/Policy Wording, Supplementary PDS and Target Market Determination (TMD) for this insurance are available on this website. We do not provide any form of advice if you call us to enquire about or purchase a product.

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