Chinese cars: an Aussie guide

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They may not be as recognisable on Australian roads as their European or Japanese counterparts, but the big advantage is they're generally cheaper.

Chinese cars have been sold in Australia since 2009, when distributor Ateco Automotive began importing Great Wall utesi. Chery, Geely, MG, Foton, ZX Auto, Haval and JMC followed. The brands compete predominantly on price with further impacts possible from the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) due to be signed this yearii.

Foton's Tunland single cab one-tonne diesel ute has a Cummins 2.8-litre turbo diesel engine. Photo:

Mid-size vehicles

Foton, ZX Autoiii, Great Wall and JMC sell utes, with Foton's Tunland diesel utes from $21,990iv for a single cab 4x2 configuration and JMC's Vigus range starting at $23,990v for a 4x2 dual cab petrol modelv.

Great Wall's V200 diesel utes are from $23,990 for a single cab 4x4, $24,990 for a diesel dual cab 4x2 ute and $27,990 for a diesel dual cab 4x4 ute. Its V240 utes are from $18990 for the single cab 4x2 petrol and are also available in 4x4 and dual cab configurationsvi. Its X200 diesel and X240 petrol 4x4 SUVs start at $23,990vii. The diesel is available with an automatic transmission. The X200 and X240 will compete, controversially , with sub-brand Haval when the latter launches in June this year.

Haval is bringing to Australia three SUV models from $20,000ix. The smallest of the three, the H2, will compete with the Honda HR-V, while the largest, the H9, will compete with the Toyota Pradoix.

Small cars

In the smaller passenger car space, Chery's J3 five-door hatch is $14,990x - 25 per cent less than the similarly sized Toyota Yarisxi - while its $19,990xii J11 is significantly cheaper than its SUV peersxiii.

Meanwhile, Chinese giant SAIC will shortly relaunchxiv its manual-only, mid-sized MG6 sedan, after reportedly selling "fewer than 50 vehicles" in its first year in Australiaxv.

Chinese car imports peaked in 2012xvi, accounting for 0.6 per cent of new road vehicles in Australia that yearxvii. Sales fell sharply after 25,000 Great Wall and Chery cars were recalled over asbestos concernsxvii, and as better-known Japanese brands cut prices on the back of a favourable exchange ratexix.

Chinese cars have been sold in Australia since 2009, when distributor Ateco Automotive began importing Great Wall utes. By Qwerty242 (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons

Chinese car makers produced 5.3 million cars in the three months to Marchxx, of which 2.3 million were sold domesticallyxxi. According to the Australian Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), Chinese cars now represent 0.21 per cent of new cars sold in Australia, accounting for only 593 of 277,594 car sales in the three months to Marchxxii.

Several Chinese models struggle with poor safety ratingsxxiii, scoring fewer than the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) recommendation of four out of five starsxxiv. Great Wall this year highlighted Western safety requirements among several reasons for shifting its focus from Australia back to China's booming domestic marketxxv.

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