Allianz selected to help icare transition to single agent NSW workers compensation scheme

26 April 2017

icare workers insurance^ has selected Allianz as a transition partner for the NSW workers compensation scheme from January 2018, to manage existing claims. We understand that another agent will manage all new claims from this date.

“While we are not the chosen agent for the new claims model, we will continue to do everything possible to support injured workers, as well as our own employees.” Helen Silver, Allianz Chief General Manager, Workers Compensation said.

“Allianz has a proven track record as one of the top NSW workers compensation scheme agents in terms of supporting injured employees to return to work as quickly as possible and helping employers reduce claim costs and premiums.”

“We currently provide claims management services for more than 80,000 employers in NSW (27% of the NSW Scheme) and have been supporting injured workers in the State for over 100 years. Allianz is a proven performer in the Scheme.”

“We are proud of our efforts in mental health and taking a whole-person approach to recovery including initiatives such as Behavioural Psychology Insights and Motivational Interactions which have delivered better outcomes for both injured workers and employers.”

“We welcome the opportunity to support the scheme in the future given our extensive knowledge of workers compensation in NSW.”

Our current contract until 31 December 2017 remains in place and all current claims and injury management practices will remain unchanged.

Allianz is still committed to providing workers compensation insurance to Australian employers as we continue to operate in Victoria, Western Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania and Northern Territory, as well as manage claims for a number of NSW Government agencies. We also offer Self-Insurance solutions in all States where this option is available.

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^ icare workers insurance is the Government owned central insurer for NSW workers compensation Scheme.