Allianz Group wins international sustainability award

Wednesday 30 January 2008

The Allianz Group has been recognised as the most sustainable insurance company in the world by ‘The Sustainability Yearbook 2008’, the world’s most comprehensive publication on corporate sustainability and the related challenges and opportunities for companies.

The Yearbook is published by Sustainable Asset Management (SAM) – a Dow Jones Sustainability Index Rating Company – and PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

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Nicholas Scofield, General Manager Corporate Affairs, said “Allianz is honoured to be recognised as the world’s most sustainable insurer by having the SAM Sector Leader and SAM Gold Class Awards bestowed on it by ‘The Sustainability Yearbook 2008.”

In compiling the Yearbook, the 2500 largest companies in the world, as reflected in the Dow Jones Global Index, are invited each year to participate in SAM’s Corporate Sustainability Assessment. Only the top-scoring 15% of those companies in each of the 57 sectors assessed by SAM are included in the Sustainability Yearbook.

Out of the initial 2500, SAM analysed 367 companies for ‘The Sustainability Yearbook 2008’ and awarded 57 sector leaders. In the insurance sector, 64 companies were assessed including general, life and health insurance, and reinsurance companies.

According to Mr Scofield, “Allianz is particularly pleased to be recognised by the Sustainability Yearbook because it confirms that, as a company, we are heading in the right direction across a broad spectrum of activities. In modern parlance, the word ‘sustianability’ is generally used in the environmental context. However, the SAM assessment scores companies in relation economic, environmental and social sustainability.”

A SAM Sector Leader is the company that has been identified as being best positioned to benefit from the opportunities and manage the risks associated with the future economic, environmental and social developments in its sector.

A SAM Sector Leader only qualifies as being a “SAM Gold Class” company if it achieves a score of at least 75% of the overall score.

Concluding, Mr Scofield said “while three companies in the insurance sector achieved the SAM Gold Class award, Allianz was the one company recognised as a SAM Sector Leader. The combination of these honours rightly allows Allianz to claim the title of the world’s most sustainable insurance company based on the analysis undertaken by the authors of ‘The Sustainability Yearbook 2008’”.

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