Allianz Australia welcomes release of home fire safety booklet

6 July, 2007

Allianz Australia welcomes the launch by Chris Pearce MP, Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, of a national public awareness initiative by the Australian Government and the Fire Protection Association of Australia that is aimed at educating the public about ways to safeguard their home from fire.

A key feature of the campaign is a booklet, Fire safety at home: be prepared’, which has been produced by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and the Fire Protection Association of Australia (FPAA).

“With winter now upon us, the booklet contains timely and useful information on fire alarms, fire blankets, fire extinguishers and escape plans, but of significant value is information on how people can prepare their home to prevent fire,” according to Nicholas Scofield, General Manager Corporate Affairs.

“One of the tips in the booklet is that householders should ensure that electrical equipment has sufficient air circulation to avoid heat build up. This is consistent with Allianz’s own research on house fires. In particular, Allianz has found that televisions are one of the most frequent causes of domestic fires and ensuring adequate air circulation is an important fire prevention measure,” Mr Scofield said.

According to Mr Scofield, more specific tips relating to TV’s include identified by Allianz’s research include:

Other electrical appliances can cause fires as well. Washing machines, driers and refrigerators also need sufficient ventilation and fire experts generally advise against the use of electric blankets as they can set off fires due to improper use or malfunction.

Mr Scofield concluded “through long experience, Allianz knows that with the commencement of winter, so will follow with greater frequency the tragedy of house fires. Allianz encourages all householders to obtain the ACCC/FPAA booklet on home fire safety and incorporate the valuable information it contains into their household fire prevention and protection strategy. The life you save might not only be your own, it may be one of your family’s.

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