Iconic Australian Homes infographic

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Iconic Australian Homes infographic

From the Colonial farmhouse to the environmentally friendly modern home, we look at Australia's most famous architectural house styles.

This infographic looks at the iconic architecture of Australian homes from the 1820s to modern day. Colonial homes, Victorian homes including the Victorian Terrace, the Queenslander, Federation Houses, Californian Bungalows, Fibro houses, Brick Veneer homes, and Modern houses are all illustrated and described.

For each style the key characteristics are identified: single or double story; gable or hip rooves; tile, galvanised corrugated iron or energy efficient roofing; sash or sliding, timber or aluminium windows; verandahs and wide eaves, or narrow eaves and box-like austerity; and weatherboard, fibro, double brick or brick veneer.

Iconic Australian Homes

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