A guide to insuring your mobile phone with Allianz

Last updated on February 8, 2024

We rely on our smartphones for all kinds of things, from booking an Uber to paying our bills. As our phones have become smarter, they’ve also become more expensive to replace. That’s why insuring your mobile phone is a smart move.

According to the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA), replacing a handset could be more than $1,000 for a smartphone. There’s also the emotional cost, the inconvenience and anxiety if it’s lost or stolen.

A woman viewing her mobile phone screen while relaxing at home.
With Allianz, you can insure your mobile phone as part of your Home Insurance.
While your mobile phone is inside your house, it’s part of your household contents. Allianz Home and Contents Insurance or Allianz Contents Insurance can cover your phone against insured events like theft, or fire1 at home.
To insure your mobile phone when it’s outside your house, you can add optional Portable Contents to your Contents Insurance. It provides cover for your phone and other portable valuables like jewellery or cameras for loss or damage caused by theft or accident. You’ll need to list your mobile phone as Listed Portable Contents on your policy. You can also list any other items that are worth more than the per item limit offered.
You don’t have to be a homeowner to have Contents Insurance. If you’re renting, you can take out Contents Insurance to cover your belongings, including your mobile phone.
You'll need to take out either Home and Contents or Contents Insurance. When getting your quote, you can add Portable Contents cover as an option in these three steps.
  1. Select Portable Contents. 
  2. Add the value of your phone under ‘Listed Portable Contents’. 
  3. List your phone as a separate item when you buy your policy.
If you already have Home Contents cover with us, and would like to add the Portable Contents option, contact us.

If your phone is worth more than the $1,500 general contents limit for phones, you should list it as ‘specified’ contents. You’ll need to specify its value.

Specified contents items are only covered at your insured address. If you need cover for your mobile phone when it’s away from your home, consider optional Portable Contents cover.

Under Home and Contents or Contents Insurance, your phone is covered against:

  • Loss or damage due to insured events, like theft or fire,1 at your home

If you add optional Portable Contents cover to your Contents Insurance, your phone is covered against:

  • Loss or damage due to theft or an accident anywhere in the world, with cover outside of Australia limited to 120 continuous days

Note: We won’t cover cracked glass or screens, where that’s the only damage to your phone.

If you have Contents Insurance and have selected the Portable Contents option, you’re covered in Australia. With Portable Contents selected, you’re also covered overseas for up to 120 continuous days.

Your phone may be covered for accidental damage under one of the following options:

  1. If you have optional Portable Contents cover under your Home Contents policy. Mobile phones are only covered under this option if they’re specified on your policy as Listed Portable Contents.
  2. If you have optional Accidental Damage cover under your Home Contents policy. Cover for your phone under the Accidental Damage option is limited to $1,500.

This is a summary only of some of the features and benefits available on Allianz Home Insurance, as well as some of the exclusions. Before deciding on a policy, carefully consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Supplementary PDS (where applicable) which set out the standard terms, conditions, limits and exclusions.

The cost will depend on a number of factors.

  • The value of your home contents, including your phone
  • Excess options – the amount you’ll pay towards the claim, e.g. our optional Portable Contents cover has a basic excess of $100
  • How many claims you make
  • Any discounts that may apply – if you haven’t made any home insurance claims in five years, you may receive a No Claim Bonus of up to 30%2

Did you know that adjusting your excess can change the cost of your premium, up or down? Also, there are at least six ways to reduce your home insurance premiums.

Losing a phone is stressful, especially if it’s stolen. Here are some essential steps to take before making a claim:

  • Try using GPS or location services such as ‘Find my Phone’
  • Change your passwords
  • Block your sim card through your mobile phone service provider
  • If your phone has been stolen, contact the police within 48 hours and get a police report
  • Monitor your bank statements for suspicious charges
  • If you need to make a claim, contact us

There are just three steps to make a claim with Allianz.

1. Get the details – you’ll need the following:

  • Police report, if your phone has been stolen
  • Evidence of the loss or damage, such as photos
  • Proof of purchase, such as a receipt or credit card statement
  • Your policy details

2. Once you’re ready, lodge your claim online. Or if you prefer, give us a call on 13 10 13.

3. One of our friendly claims consultants will contact you as soon as possible.

We hope you don’t experience the stress and inconvenience that a stolen, lost, or damaged phone can cause. Taking out the right insurance may reassure you about covering the costs of phone repairs or replacement.

  1. 72-hour exclusion period may apply
    We may not provide cover for any loss of or damage to your property caused by cyclone, flood, grassfires, and bushfires, during the first 72 hours after you first purchase a policy or increase your cover under an existing policy. For full details of conditions and exclusions please refer to the relevant PDS.
  2. Up to 30% No Claim Bonus – Home

    When you take out a new policy, we calculate your No Claim Bonus based on your home insurance claims history. To qualify for the maximum No Claim Bonus of 30%, Home Insurance customers must have had no Building or Contents insurance claims in the preceding five years. However, customers who have had claims may still qualify for a reduced No Claim Bonus.

    After each claim-free year, the No Claim Bonus applied to your renewal premium will be increased by 10%, to a maximum of 30%. However, for every claim you make in a year, the No Claim Bonus applied to your renewal premium will be reduced by 10% to a minimum of 0%.

    The No Claim Bonus is applied to some optional covers if available and selected; Motor Burnout and Accidental Damage, but not Flood, Domestic Workers Compensation or Portable Contents cover.

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