Hot new cars for 2015

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If you've been considering purchasing a new car, 2015 might be the right time to slide into the driver's seat. New car affordability is the best it has been since 1976 and there will be plenty of new models arriving this year from some of the industry's best sellers.

Small passenger cars and compact SUVs were two of the most popular new car purchases in 2013ii. Jeep had great success with the Grand Cherokee and for 2015 the automaker will be unveiling its own edition of the compact SUV, the Renegade Trailhawk. Jeep has designed this SUV to be comfortable on and off road with plenty of 4-wheel-drive featuresiii. Volvo, Hyundai, BMW and Holden also have new model SUVs and improvements to old favourites rolling out this yeariv.

2015 will be an exciting year to get behind the wheel of a new car.

Mitsubishi, Mini, Skoda, Holden and Suzukiiv will be debuting updates and redesigns to some of their popular small car models. Mitsubishi has upgraded the safety features across the Lancer range including the addition of an emergency stop signal (ESS)v. The ESS feature automatically flashes brake lights and activates the hazard lights to warn other drivers that the car is stopping suddenlyvi.

Despite the small number of electric vehicles and hybrid sales in Australia, a number of car manufacturers including Porsche, Honda, Land Rover and Audi will be adding hybrids to their line- ups this yeariv. American electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Tesla will be releasing its first SUV, the Tesla Model X. The dual motor all-wheel drive SUV stays true to its electric roots while promising to meet the everyday needs of the drivervii .

Advanced safety technology lets parents minimise distractions behind the wheel and limit how fast their kids can drive.

With the release of the all-new Sonata, Hyundai hopes to provide an impressive mid-size alternative for Australian driversviii. Jaguar and Mercedes will also be introducing new mid-size sports sedans in 2015iv.

Perhaps one of the most talked about new releases of 2015 is the Ford Mustang. Ford's iconic muscle car will be available with a 233kW four-cylinder or 303kW eight-cylinder engine and will feature the Ford MyKey technologyix. MyKey helps to minimise distractions while driving by blocking phone calls and text messages and setting safe top speed limits. The innovative technology from Ford is designed mainly to help parents keep their teens safe behind the wheelx, and now comes standard on most Ford models built in 2014 and laterxi.

Car sales in Australia

Car manufacturer competition in Australian is very high, with 67 brands selling over 350 modelsi. This competition is one of the leading factors contributing to lower car prices for many vehicles compared to other right-hand drive markets around the world. For example, the Ford Focus Trend Hatch retails in Australia for AU$22,290 but would set you back AU$32,325 in the UKi. This competition also lends itself to continued improvement in safety, fuel saving and other features important to Australian buyersi.

New car safety

All new cars in Australia are required to meet minimum safety standards to protect drivers and their passengersxii. Newer cars will typically have higher safety ratings and more safety features such as side airbags, auto emergency braking and more advanced child safety restraints than older modelsxii.

Having the appropriate insurance can also help to protect your investment in your car in the event of an accident or theft. Contact Allianz today for a car insurance quote for your new vehicle.

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