Five top iPhone apps for your car

Keen to enhance your driving experience with an iPhone application but not sure which one will work best for you? To help save you time, here are five iPhone apps that we think deserve your attention.

Australian Road Trip

Whether you're planning a weekend tour of some of Australia's fabulous wineries or an unforgettable trans-continental adventure, the Australian Road Trip app is perfect for you. Created by travel writer Lee Atkinson and complete with original photographs, this app offers a range of travel tips. Locate accommodation, places to eat and scenic routes to take. Plus find perfect sites for picnics as well as other exciting things to see and do. This app includes recommendations for 25 unforgettable Australian trips across stunning landscapes and includes three trans-continental excursions along with short day trips from major cities. This app can be purchased for $4.99 from the iPhone App Store.

Travel around Australia with Australian Road Trip app for iPhone (Source: iTunes)

Driver Reviver

Taking rest breaks during travel over the holidays and long weekends has never been easier than with the free Driver Reviver app. Wherever you may be in Australia, this app will help you locate your nearest Driver Reviver rest stop where free refreshments such as biscuits, tea and coffee are offered.

On the road this holidays. Take an iPhone Driver Reviver (Source: iTunes)

Car Butler

The creators of Car Butler have packed a lot into this free app. Car butler can locate nearby service stations, your nearest car wash, where to find a decent car mechanic and even places for you to park your car. To prevent incurring parking fines, simply record the location of your parked car and get the app to alert you of the expiry time of the parking spot or meter. A nice little touch added to this app is its 5 day weather forecast function, predicting the weather of your current location, so you'll know whether to have an umbrella or sunscreen handy!

The iPhone Car Butler is at your service (Source: iTunes)

Cool Wall

Fans of Top Gear will love this app that allows you to rank your favourite car and create your very own Top Gear Cool Wall. The Cool Wall comes with 350 cars, complete with photos and stats. If you can't find a car amongst the 350 provided, simply add it in yourself.

With the app, you get to find out if the presenters agree with you (the app has audio soundbites), but unlike the TV show you get the final say on the car's rightful place on the Cool Wall. This app costs $0.99.

Top Gear, Cool Wall. Need we say more? (Source: iTunes)


This clever app is an app store staff favourite. It lets you control your music without looking at your iPhone screen. Instead of fiddly and small button controls, FlickTunes uses simple gesture-based controls to control and navigate through your music library and playlists. This convenient iPhone app costs $4.49.

FlickTunes: Wave goodbye to button pressing (Source: iTunes)