Chemicals in the salon

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Chemicals in the salon

Protective gloves should be worn during the mixing and applying stages of hair products which contain hazardous chemicals.

The products that we are talking about are those which are classified as 'hazardous' or 'dangerous' (or both)i; some hairdressing products fall into these categories. Unsurprisingly, such products are highly regulated in Australia and their handlers (which would include hairdressers) must follow protocol)ii.

The ACCC gives three examples of chemicals in hairdressing products)ii:

Manufacturers must label a hazardous or dangerous good as such, and must also attach a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) )iii. As a hairdressing business owner, your responsibility is to ensure that chemicals in the salon are stored, handled and used according to the product's respective MSDS)v. It's important that you keep up to date with information from Safe Work Australia and your respective State government authority.

Working with chemicals

Understandably, the first step is to identify whether the product is hazardous or dangerous. The label or MSDS (from the manufacturer or supplier) will alert you to this)iv. Once identified, you may have certain criteria to fulfil in order to legally use and store the product in your salon - for example you may need to conduct a risk assessment or have the MSDS recorded somewhere)iv. This is a case of checking the regulations that apply to your business in your respective State. Then it's simply a case of following the instructions on the label and MSDS.

Protective measures must be taken for staff who come into direct contact with chemicals in the salon. When handling chemicals (including dyes, bleaches, perming and straightening solutions, shampoos and conditioners), staff should be wearing aprons, eye protection and protective, disposable gloves)iv. Gloves are particularly important for protection against irritant and allergic dermatitis (causes of allergic dermatitis include phenylendiamine in hair colour and persulphate salts in bleach powders) )v.

Storing chemicals

A safe salon needs to have chemicals to be stored appropriately. This includes)v:

A safe salon comes down to knowing about the risks and putting the correct measures in place to prevent those things from happening.

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The information in this document is general only. You should consider the risks that are relevant to your particular business and implement safe risk management practices.

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