Understanding your Allianz Life Insurance premium

Last updated 9 April, 2024
Your life insurance premium is likely to change each year and you may wonder why. As a trusted insurer, we want to help you understand your premium. This guide gives you the facts: how your premium works, how we calculate it, and why it can change.
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The regular payments you pay for your life insurance policy is called a premium. Your premium contributes to a shared pool of funds that helps to pay claims. It’s also used for expenses - such as staff, office space and other things that keep our business going.

We consider each policyholder’s circumstances to determine their likelihood of making a claim. That’s how we make sure each policyholder’s premium makes a fair contribution to the shared pool of funds. Another factor that can affect your life insurance premium is the application of inflation proofing increases.

Premium rates and policy fees are not guaranteed and may change over time.

We’ll base your premium on your circumstances, the cover you’ve chosen, your likelihood of making a claim, and the potential cost of the claim. That’s why each person’s Life Insurance policy may be different.

To calculate your premium, we use a number of risk factors. Some of the key risk factors to determine your likelihood of making a claim include:

Customers are more likely to make a life insurance claim as they age. Generally, the younger you are, the lower your premiums tend to be, as insurers consider you to be at a lower risk for health complications or mortality.
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Males and females have different life expectancies and claims likelihood. Life expectancy means the average number of additional years a person of a given age and gender could be expected to live. The chance of customers having a claim for Critical Illness cover and Permanently Unable to Work cover also differs by gender.
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Your state of health when you apply for a life insurance policy, changes made to an existing policy and reinstatement of a policy are important as they help us decide whether to insure you and on what terms, including the premiums we charge. This is because your state of health affects the chance of having a claim.
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Some hobbies and jobs are associated with higher chances of making a claim. When applying for a life insurance policy, making changes to an existing policy, or reinstating a policy, you’ll be asked about your pastimes and occupation. Depending on the risks associated with your hobbies or job, you may be charged an additional premium.
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Different types of cover come with different premium rates. This is because they involve various levels of risk for potential claims. Premiums also increase when the cover amount is higher. Allianz Life Plan includes Life cover, and the option to apply for Critical Illness cover and Permanently Unable to Work cover for added protection. These have age limits and eligibility criteria apply.
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Smokers tend to have shorter life expectancies. A wide range of health complications are associated with smoking. As a result, life insurance premiums for smokers are higher than those for non-smokers. Quitting smoking may not only improve your health, but also help you save money on life insurance premiums in the long run.

Did you know, you can estimate how much cover you may need with our Life insurance calculator?

Have you noticed a change in your life insurance premium? Here are some factors that may influence your premium once your policy is in force.
We automatically increase your cover amounts by 5% or the change in the Consumer Price Index (CPI), whichever is higher. This happens each year on your policy anniversary. Insurers offer this feature so that inflation doesn’t erode the amount of your life cover over time. This means your premiums will also go up each year to reflect the increased cover amount. We stop applying these inflation proofing increases after the policy anniversary following your 65th birthday. You can decline an inflation proofing increase in a given year by contacting us.

You can call us to make changes to your policy, add another person to it, or to inform us of variables that may affect it. Just as when you take out a life insurance policy with us, you have a duty to not make a misrepresentation to us when changing it.

These include:

Increasing your cover amount can increase the risk for the insurance company, which leads to a higher premium. Reducing your cover amount may result in a lower premium but it decreases the level of cover provided if you make a claim.
These rates, which can reduce your premium, are available to people who have quit smoking more than 12 months ago.
You can ask us to consider removing or amending any Special Terms and Conditions by contacting us. We'll review your request based on the information about your current circumstances.
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