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Queensland offers unique and wonderful camping grounds, many of which are located in national parks. Whether you're looking to explore, push personal boundaries or just unwind, camping in Queensland has it all. With over 293 parks to chose fromi - like Fraser Island National Park, Lamington National Park, Daintree National Park and Conondale National Park - you'll be spoilt for choice. Here are three of the best.

Moreton Island National Park and Recreation Area

Home to tall sand dunes, miles of sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, abundant flora and fauna and ruins of coastal forts, the Moreton Island National Park is easily one of Queensland's most beautiful parks. With so many things to do on the island, there's an activity to suit most people. Go swimming or snorkeling, fishing or diving, or head inland and go on one of the abundant walking trails available. On the island there is a wide range of camping options available and you can choose from well established campgrounds to remote beach camping. As it is only 40km offshore from Brisbane, the island is car accessible by barge and ferryii.

Springbrook National Park

Only 100km south of Brisbane this World Heritage Park has spectacular waterfalls, dense rainforest with ancient trees and unique beauty to make this park one of the most outstanding places to visit close to the Brisbane area. There is one camping area in the park - The Settlement - which is accessible by car and provides the base you need to explore all the aspects of Springbrook National Parkiii. Along with its stunning volcanic formation, the park is rich in flora and fauna: look out for glow worms that rely on the rainforest for their survivaliv.

Morning fog over, peaceful, beautiful, breathtaking Springbrook National Park, Queensland

Expedition National Park

Expedition National Park is a rugged, outback park located at 664km north-west of Brisbane. Dry rainforest scrubs and eucalypt trees cover most of the park and colourful wildflowers can be found over the cliff tops. Expedition National Park is significant part of Australia's heritage, showcasing many sacred indigenous sites and stenciled art. Robinson Gorge, with up to 100m high sandstone cliffs and spectacular views of the Carnavon ranges, is a highlight of this scenic park. Beware that unless you're an experienced and properly equipped bushwalker, the Expedition range from Rolleston, Bauhinia Downs to Taroom is largely inaccessible. The park itself offers multiple camp sitesv. Two are accessible by 4WD at the eastern side of the Park, near Robinson Gorge. There is no access for conventional vehicles or low clearance trailers and caravans.

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