Living Well – a biopsychosocial approach to recovery

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“The road to recovery after experiencing a work-related illness or injury can be impacted by a number of factors – physical, mental, social and health related. It’s these factors that play a vital role in determining the success of someone’s recovery.” Mark Pittman, Allianz General Manager - Government Services

In collaboration with the NSW Department of Education (DoE) and Rehabilitation Management (one of our rehabilitation provider partners), we’ve developed the Living Well program. The program provides psychosocial support to workers following an injury, incident, or illness. The term ‘psychosocial’ refers to the influence of someone’s social environment on their physical and mental wellbeing, as well as their ability to function.

Living Well is designed for workers who encounter challenges in their recovery or return to work journey as a result of psychosocial barriers. The program helps workers to optimise their health and wellbeing by addressing health, thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It also enables case managers and DoE Health & Wellbeing team members to identify and address these unique challenges throughout a person’s recovery process.

Living Well seeks to provide an individually tailored program to help participants develop positive coping strategies, and facilitate a sustainable return to work.

How Living Well has helped so far

The Living Well program has already helped workers on their road to recovery. Preliminary results released in November 2021 show that 62 workers have completed the full Living Well program, with promising results:

  • 71% increased their capacity for work.
  • 40% returned to work in some capacity.
  • 85% improved in their post-program survey score.

The majority of those who increased their capacity for work but have not yet returned to work are either awaiting duties, or are actively engaged in job seeking.

We’ll continue to monitor and report on results as the program progresses, and look forward to sharing key insights to help shape how worker rehabilitation is approached.

Living Well is currently available for all DoE staff whose recovery or functioning at work may be affected by one or more biopsychosocial factors. For more information, contact the DoE Workplace Team, or your dedicated health and wellbeing team member.

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