Travel Insurance for Australia

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Travel Insurance for Australia – Domestic Travel Insurance

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a trip for leisure or business, there are travel expenses involved that can sometimes be significant. It makes sense to protect your ‘travel investment’ and of course, it makes even more sense to protect yourself against the potential of spending a whole lot more in the event that something goes wrong. That’s why travel insurance for your trips within Australia is important.

Travel Insurance for Australia

Travelling without the right insurance policy could cause people to be out of pocket if they become sick or injured, or if flights are cancelled or possessions are lost or stolen.

Coverage for even before you leave

From the moment you pay for your Allianz Travel Insurance, you can have coverage for cancellation fees and lost deposits on prepaid travel and accommodation bookings if you ultimately can’t travel because you are sick or injured or if strikes, collisions or natural disasters throw your plans into disarray. The coverage will depend on your level of cover.

Delays are not just an inconvenience

Everybody moans and groans when their journey is delayed due to circumstances beyond their control. But for those with Allianz Travel Insurance for travel within Australia, the delay is made far less unpleasant with compensation for meals and accommodation expenses when your journey is delayed for at least 6 hours and you cannot claim additional meals and accommodation expenses from anyone else (e.g. your airline). Delays also affect the delivery of your luggage and personal effects so if your carrier loses them or sends them to the wrong destination and you’ve had to wait more than 12 hours, an allowance may be provided.

Accidental death coverage

Naturally you don’t want to think about this one but it will give you tremendous peace of mind to know that your Allianz Travel Insurance provides coverage (up to the benefit limit of the plan selected) for accidental death if you die because of, and within 12 months of, an accidental injury you sustained during your journey.

Lost luggage and personal effects

Not only is it an inconvenience to have something lost or stolen such as a camera, laptop, jewellery, special gift or even spectacles, but it can literally ruin a trip. If you have a domestic Allianz Travel Insurance policy, you can claim on the depreciated value, repair or replacement cost of your luggage or personal effects that are lost, stolen or accidentally damaged (up to the maximum amount prescribed in the Product Disclosure Statement).

When your cash is gone

It can be particularly devastating if you have money stolen from you. Theft of cash is covered under Allianz Travel Insurance so this is yet another reason why purchasing that policy can be a smart move.

Cover the cost of rental vehicle insurance excess

Many people don’t know that if they have to pay the insurance excess or damage waiver, payable under the motor vehicle insurance or damage waiver on a rental vehicle while travelling, their Allianz Travel Insurance can cover it for them. So if the rental vehicle is stolen, involved in a crash or damaged, or if you are prevented from returning the vehicle because you are medically certified unfit to do so, then you won’t have to stress about these expenses.

Personal liability coverage

Another little-known item that is covered by your domestic Allianz Travel Insurance is personal liability. If a claim is made against you and you are required to pay compensation, including legal expenses for injuries sustained by another person or damaged caused to their property, then this benefit provides cover for your legal liability.

Additional options for special travel types

Are you a snow lover who enjoys nothing more than zipping down the slopes on a pair of skis or tearing across the snowfields on a snowboard? Or maybe you love to cruise the oceans in the comfort of a large ship. Perhaps you’re the type who can’t resist an opportunity to feel the rush of wind in your hair or the squelch of mud beneath your boots. Optional additional coverage on your travel insurance can see you protected against numerous scenarios in the snow, on the ocean and when chasing adventure.

Snow Pack scenario

Every winter, the mountains of the eastern states of Australia are capped in beautiful white snow. The ski resorts become full to capacity and the whole place buzzes with excitement. As fun as a snow holiday can be, there is so much that can go awry that you’d be mad not to be covered with the appropriate travel insurance for Australian snow trips. You might even take your own snow sport equipment. What happens if this is stolen or lost or accidentally damaged?

Did you know that if you purchase additional Snow Pack insurance, Allianz Travel Insurance will even cover you if all the lift systems in your pre-booked resort are closed for longer than 24 hours because of insufficient snow, power failure or bad weather? Did you know that if you are sick or injured and can’t avail yourself of any prepaid ski hire, ski passes, tuition fees or lift passes, you may be able to claim for the irrecoverable costs? Bad weather and avalanches are other contingencies covered by this policy.

Cruise Pack scenario

Cruising has become a booming sector of the travel market in Australia. If you purchase the Cruise Pack with Allianz Travel Insurance, this provides cover for medical expenses while cruising so if you become sick or injured, your medical, hospital, surgical and nursing costs can be claimed. If you require more advanced care that requires your evacuation to shore, it includes coverage for that too.

For many cruise passengers, seasickness, injuries and general illness can play havoc with their trip. The Cruise Pack includes an allowance for cabin confinement for each 24-hour period so that if you are bed-ridden (in cabin or ship hospital), or confined to your cabin because your condition is contagious, then you can be compensated. It also includes coverage (up to certain limits) for prepaid shore excursion cancellations, loss of or damage to formal cruise attire and a daily allowance for every day that your cruise vessel diverts from its scheduled course if a marine rescue is in progress.

Adventure Pack for Bravehearts

For those of you who are more adventurous, there are a range of activities and sports that are not automatically covered. So if you’re into abseiling, deep sea fishing, shooting, tandem parachuting, caving or similarly adrenaline-inducing activities, you really should check out the Adventure Pack to make sure it suits your requirements.

Don’t kick yourself later

The cost of travel insurance for Australian trips compared with the actual costs you’ll incur on your travels can be nominal. It can be seen as an investment because it protects you against loss, damage, theft, delays and otherwise unavoidable expenses.

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