Five parking rules you did not know you were breaking

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Across Australia there are literally hundreds of different reasons that a parking inspector can slap you with a fine. We’ve rounded up five of the more obscure reasons you could find yourself with a ticket.

Parking Rules

1. Display altered or defaced parking coupon

Tempted to scrub out the date on an old parking ticket, or turn an 11 in to a 17? Think twice before you do. If you’re caught defacing or altering an old parking ticket to resemble a current one, you could find yourself paying much more than the price of a new ticket.

2. Displaying more than three parking coupons at a time

Find a park, check and re-check the parking signs, buy a parking ticket and throw it on your dashboard. You’ve done all the right things, so don’t get tripped up by having a stash of old parking tickets on display. In NSW, you could find yourself with a fine if more than two old parking tickets can be seen alongside your current one.  

3. Use more parking bays than necessary

Those white parking lines are there for a reason. Fail to stay inside them and you could be slapped with a fine. And make sure you’re all the way in too as ‘not being parked wholly within a marked bay’ could see you slapped twice.

4. Stop near a post box

Letter posting in Australia may be on the decline, but that doesn’t mean you can take the postman’s park. In all Australian states and territories a driver must not stop on a road within three metres of a public post box unless they are dropping off or picking up mail or the parking sign permits otherwise.

5. Park in a disabled zone when no longer disabled

If you park in a disabled zone without a permit, you could be issued with a fine of up to $600 (depending on which state the offence occurs). But you’ll pay even more if you’re caught using the disabled parking after it’s been deemed you no longer need the easy access.