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Motoring enthusiasts show their passion in different ways. Some might dedicate weekends to washing, polishing and buffing their vehicle. Others might head to motor shows and expos in their spare time. Some people may just go for long drives on sunny weekends.

Luckily for us, there are a number of car-devotees out there who share their experiences and opinions on the Web. Australian motoring bloggers discuss anything and everything "cars": car care, technology, test drives, the car market, driving tips, and more.

The well-known

Fairfax-owned Drive is known for its car reviews and sales but what you may not know is that they also run the Drive Blog where readers can comment on everything and anything to do with cars. The blog is home to interesting opinion pieces, tirades of frustration, and general chat about the driving life. This blog makes perfect browsing during a lunch break.

The CarsGuide Blog is a popular online meeting place for people interested in cars. Here you can get up to date on the latest in car news, and take a peek at "tomorrow's cars" with their collection of 'spy-shots' from around the world.

The tech gurus at CNET also have a blog dedicated to cars. Specifically looking at the technology under the bonnet and gadgets we use in the driver's seat, the team at CNET Australia Car Tech cover the latest in car technology both available today and expected in the future. You can also find reviews for GPS systems, car entertainment features and accessories.

Car blogs like Car Advice are sophisticated.  They feature good design and features such as photo galleries in addition to blog content and the ability to comment.

Car Advice is like a match-making site for person and vehicle. The bloggers at Car Advice test drive and evaluate over 1,000 cars per year and then publish detailed reviews on their blog for everyone to see. As part of a review, the writers make recommendations to potential buyers and readers are able to give their own opinions on the reviewer's assessment. If you're looking to buy a car, it might be worth checking out the opinions on the Car Advice blog first.

Target your interest

For motoring news and car reviews, another Australian blog to explore is The Motor Report (TMR). TMR has specialist blogs that are dedicated to certain types of car buyers: green, family, 4WD, lifestyle and enthusiasts. So if you want to find out more about cars specific to your interest, it's worth having a look at TMR's blogs.

The bloggers at Grip Shift Slide are fanatical about motorsport. This blog is all about engineering, racing and the motorsport community. Blog posts cover Australian race days, car shows and club meets, and the blog is home to some fantastic images of motoring machines.

The Australian Muscle Car Blog is exactly that: an Australian blog to accompany the Australian Muscle Car Magazine which is dedicated to everything "muscle cars". Just Cars is an Australian enthusiast's magazine that specialises in collectable, classic and custom automobiles; the Just Cars blog supplements the magazine.

In addition to independent blogs, a number of car manufacturers produce blogs, and many have also turned to Facebook and Twitter as a means of communicating with their audiences.

Car blogs are created by all types of car enthusiasts, even the car makers themselves!

By following blogs, you can keep informed of what is happening in the world of motoring. Blogs can also provide you another opinion on cars on the market and keep you up to date with the latest in-car technology and safety features. If you have a car or you are looking to buy one, it is important to be informed about your investment. It is also important to protect your purchase. Car insurance from Allianz will help you out in the event of theft, damage to your vehicle or third party property.