NSW WC - Take out policy

Get a new workers compensation policy

NSW workers compensation policies must now be purchased direct from icare workers insurance. Click here to start your online quote with icare.

Remember when completing the quote, select Allianz Australia as the scheme agent for your claims management.

For more information, please contact us on 1300 130 664.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can select Allianz as the scheme agent to manage your workers compensation claims when your existing policy is due for renewal.

To transfer to Allianz, you just need to notify icare workers insurance when they send you your policy renewal documents.

For information about issues regarding employees who travel and work interstate, please visit icare.

All companies that have combined wages of $750,000 or more and are grouped for payroll tax must be registered as a Group and all policies must be held with the one Insurer. For information about grouping policies please visit icare.