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Obtaining a policy has never been easier – obtain immediate cover today by completing and submitting a NSW Policy Application Form. A Policy number will be provided online and a policy proposal will be sent to you within seven days. For more information contact our Customer Service Specialists’ on 1300 130 664 (Monday to Friday: 8:30am to 5pm)

Who needs a policy?

Any employer who pays annual wages of more than $7,500 and employs or hires workers on a regular, casual or contract basis is required to take out a NSW workers compensation insurance policy A contract may be expressed or implied, verbal or written and it may be a contract of service or apprenticeship.

What does Allianz do?

Allianz acts as an agent for the government body, WorkCover. In NSW, agents such as Allianz, issue and administer workers compensation insurance policies on behalf of WorkCover. They also manage the collection of premiums, administer claims processes and inform employers of their obligations and responsibilities. For more information contact us on 1300 130 664 (Monday to Friday: 8:30am to 5:00pm)

Transferring a policy

To transfer your workers compensation insurance to Allianz, write to your current insurer advising them that you will not be renewing your insurance policy from the expiry date. (You can use our ‘Transfer Your Workers Compensation Insurance to Allianz’ Form to assist you )