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Healthy Planet

Allianz is committed to tackling climate change. In 2005 we launched our first climate change strategy – with aim to mitigate and manage its effects by reducing our environmental impact and supporting disaster resilience and response.

For Allianz, limiting global warming and countering climate change is a crucial priority. Allianz is committed to taking proactive steps to secure a healthy planet. Allianz has been carbon-neutral since 2012. We collaborate with external organisations such as the Science-based Targets initiative (SBTi), which compels members to set long-term emissions reductions targets to lead the way to a zero-carbon economy.

In our business, we identify and manage climate-related risks and opportunities within our business operations, products and services. We systematically assess our insurance business and our propriety investments against ESG criteria, considering matters such as carbon emissions, energy efficiency and biodiversity.

Climate change is a global issue; in Australia we work towards Allianz Group targets and undertake activities relevant to our local communities. These targets have seen us achieve reduction in our environmental footprint.

In Australia, Allianz does not invest or insure1 coal-fired power plants and infrastructure. We have demonstrated our commitment to the environment by withdrawing from P&C (property & casualty) insurance from single-site, coal-fired mines and the companies whose sole purpose is to service these2. Our current criteria and threshold will be tightened over time.

Green Home Upgrade Benefit

The Green Home Upgrade Benefit is one of more than 200 Sustainable Solution products that Allianz offers globally. Allianz Australia includes an Environmental Benefit for most of its Home insurance and Landlord products as an additional benefit when Buildings cover is taken. The benefit provides environmental sustainability upgrades to a property (up to the amount stated in the Product Disclosure Statement) where there is a total loss and the property is being rebuilt. It includes installation of solar systems including solar hot water systems or PV power systems, hot water heat exchange systems, rainwater tanks and grey water recycling. Any payment Allianz Australia makes under this benefit will be in addition to any amount paid on buildings:


United Nations-convened Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance

Allianz was a founding member of the United Nations-convened Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance and has been joined by other investors from around the world to collaboratively support companies in their low-carbon transition.

With nearly $5.1 trillion in assets under management, Allianz and members will align their portfolios to net-zero GHG emission by 2050, with a shared vision to decarbonise the global economy.


RE100 is an initiative led by the Climate Group and in partnership with Carbon Disclosure Project, with the mission to accelerate change towards zero carbon grids at scale. RE100 requires a commitment that companies will transition to 100 per cent renewable energy by at least 2050.

Allianz takes the role in transition to net-zero emissions seriously, and has signed up to RE100 and committed to sourcing 100 per cent of our electricity from renewable sources by 2023. By making this commitment we’re acknowledging this is one thing we can do to ensure our business operates sustainably now and into the future.

Minderoo Foundation’s Fire and Flood Resilience Initiative

Allianz supported the development of the Minderoo Foundation Fire & Flood Resilience Blueprint.

We were one of a number of partners, from business, not-for-profit and government organisations, who worked together to set a vision for Australia to become the global disaster resilience leader. The Blueprint consists of three bold missions to be tackled over the next five years.

Insurance Council of Australia Climate Change Action Committee

Allianz actively contributes to the Insurance Council Australia Climate Change Action Committee to support collective action.

The Climate Change Action Committee operates through member-based working groups to develop and implement an industry response to Climate Change. The Committee aims to realise a sustainable future by finding ways for the general insurance industry to assist and support Australia’s transition to a resilient and low-carbon economy and by offering continued support across the country.

The Future of Living Report

In partnership with the University of Technology Sydney, the Future of Living report (June 2020) revealed how the socio-economic and environmental factors young Australians are navigating will affect house design and home-living. Ultimately putting sustainability first. You can access the full Future of Living report, commissioned by Allianz in partnership with UTS, by clicking the link below:

Allianz Australia & UTS Future of Living report (PDF, 9 MB)

1This excludes statutory personal liability insurance schemes such as workers compensation or CTP insurance. These schemes limit the ability of insurers to make decisions about industries they will cover. The primary purpose of these statutory schemes is to ensure universal coverage of workers for workplace injuries (for workers compensation) and universal coverage for people injured in car accidents. These public policy considerations override the ability of insurers like Allianz to decide not to extend statutory cover like workers compensation to coal-fired plant operators or entities whose sole purpose is to serve them.
2See footnote 1 above.