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Thailand offers so much for the traveller looking for adventure and new experiences. From tropical beaches and secluded islands in the south to the rural towns, unique cuisine and rolling hills of the north, Thailand is a country that deserves to be explored from end to end.

The ‘Land of Smiles’ is a country of amazing contrasts from the bustling metropolis of Bangkok to laid back rural villages and white sandy beaches. Thailand caters for everyone - singles, couples and families. Thai locals are also warm and friendly and will make your trip a memorable one.


The Grand Palace in Bangkok has been used by the royal family since 1782. This complex of intricate and beautiful buildings contains the Emerald Buddha and is still used for official events. Thailand also has UNESCO world heritage sites like the Ayutthaya ruins, once Asia’s trade capital and largest city in the world.

From national parks, waterfalls, to caves, Thailand provides many opportunities to experience the great outdoors. Lazing around on the beach is popular with Thai visitors, especially around the Phuket area. The tranquility of the seaside is a welcome change after the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. The surfing, diving and snorkelling are spectacular and there are plenty of bars and restaurants along the beach to sip a cocktail and people-watch.


Thailand is synonymous with shopping is a shopaholic’s fantasy. There is always time to go shopping at the local markets or at the large western style shopping centres throughout the country. You can almost buy anything you want from clothes, antique wood carvings or ‘genuine’ imitation watches and handbags.


Thai cuisine can be classified into distinct regions which are heavily influenced by seasonally available food, soil types, and climate. Thai food is a balanced mix of textures, spices, and saltiness/sweetness. Ingredients from southern Thailand include fresh kaffir lime and coriander, as well as lemongrass, garlic and chillies. The abundance of fish, seafood and coconuts in the south shows in numerous dishes that use seafood, fish sauce, and coconut milk. Northern Thai food includes red meat, salads and dry curries and is found in places like Chiang Mai.


Thailand has a good transportation system across with a reliable bus, train and flight network. Private car transfers between cities are also another option which is affordable and punctual.

Health and safety issues when travelling to Thailand

Smartraveller advises that you exercise a high degree of caution when travelling to and within Thailand, including Bangkok and Phuket, due to the possibility of civil unrest and the threat of terrorist attack. Demonstrations in Bangkok and other parts of Thailand can occur, including in areas frequented by tourists. Confrontations can be sometimes potentially volatile. Protests may disrupt transport and infrastructure, with access to hotels and shopping areas sometimes.

Petty crime including bag snatching, hotel room theft and pick-pocketing and can occur. Violent crime towards tourists and foreigners does occur from time to time. Sexual assault, food and drink spiking, assault and robbery against foreigners occurs in Thailand, including in major tourist spots and cities. Credit card and ATM fraud including skimming can occur. Keep your valuables close to your body and stay alert, particularly in crowded areas. Large events such as full moon parties have a higher risk of assault, arrests, robbery, injuries and lost travel documents.

Tap water may sometimes be unsafe to drink. Sealed bottled water is easily available and should be consumed to avoid water borne bacteria. Bottled water should also be used for brushing and rinsing teeth. Drink sufficient water during hot and humid days to remain hydrated. To minimize the risk of food poisoning, avoid raw fish, meat or salads that may have been washed in contaminated water.

Water-borne, food-borne, parasitic and other infectious diseases (including tuberculosis, cholera, hepatitis, leptospirosis and typhoid) are prevalent with outbreaks occurring from time to time. Malaria, dengue fever, HIV/AIDS and rabies exist throughout the year in the regional areas.

Stings from jellyfish and other marine life can be fatal. There is also a risk of illness caused by ciguatera, scombroid (histamine fish poisoning) and toxins in shellfish.

May to October is monsoon season in Thailand when flooding damage occurs, as well as severe storms. Thailand is also subject to earthquakes.

The hospitals and medical facilities in Thailand are generally not as well-equipped as in Australia, and many places may not treat you unless you can prove you have travel insurance.

Useful Thai phrases to know

While many people in Thailand speak English, knowing a few words or phrases of Thai will help you interact with the locals on another level.

Minimise your risks by taking our travel insurance.

Visitors to Thailand are also advised to use common sense and caution while travelling to avoid the potential risks.

Being a smart traveller by getting vaccinated before you leave Australia and by taking precautions to minimise the risk of illness, accident or theft while overseas can help improve the chances of your trip to Thailand being memorable for all the right reasons. However, some things are outside even the most cautious traveller's control; ensuring you have adequate travel insurance is an essential way to minimise the costs of an illness or misadventure in Thailand.

Whether you have to change your travel plans for health reasons, have your new camera stolen or even suffer an injury that requires medical evacuation, Allianz Travel Insurance can help minimise the financial impact. Allianz offers Basic Travel Insurance, Comprehensive Travel Insurance and Multi Trip Travel Insurance for your trip overseas. Get a quote from Allianz today!

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