10 exciting gadgets for the modern kitchen infographic

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Modern kitchen appliances can do just about everything! With the press of a button on your smartphone you can set your smart kettle to boil or begin cooking the roast for dinner in your fridge oven while you are still at work.

See through-toasters and Bluetooth meat thermometers mean that you can worry less about over cooking your food and all-in-one cooking appliances are great for set it and forget it cooking. You can even bring the outdoors inside with a stovetop smoker and create one-of-a-kind desserts with a 3D chocolate printer.

This infographic introduces 10 exciting and cutting edge gadgets that can help you to impress your friends with your culinary prowess and have dinner ready before you get home, all without breaking a sweat.

Impress your family with your culinary skills and be the envy of your friends with these high tech kitchen gadgets.

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