Emergency Home Assistance

Allianz Emergency Home AssistanceEmergency Home Assistance (EHA) is a service that takes the stress out of finding a tradesperson in times of need. We can help connect you with a tradesperson for help with 10 common home emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Three levels of assistanceFor owner occupiers and landlords

  • Lite$149 inc GST per year
  • 2 call-outs per year
  • Up to $300 (Incl. GST) towards each call-out
  • 24-hour concierge service
  • Standard$229 inc GST per year
  • 4 call-outs per year
  • Up to $300 (Incl. GST) towards each call-out
  • 24-hour concierge service
  • Platinum$298 inc GST per year
  • 8 call-outs per year
  • Up to $300 (Incl. GST) towards each call-out
  • 24-hour concierge service

Are you a customer who needs assistance?

Simply call the Emergency Home Assistance toll free number1800 784 149, and we can connect you with a tradesperson anywhere, any time in Australia.
1800 784 149

How can we help?Emergency Home Assistance gives you the benefit of being able to call at any time to be connected with a tradesperson for help with 10 common home emergencies.

Locked out of the house

Unable to gain entry to the house.

Broken external door or window

Damage to external door or window that puts safety or security at risk, for example broken glass, damaged locks, or jammed doors or windows.

Blackout or power failure

Disruption of power supply to the house (excludes area-wide blackouts).

Broken heating or cooling

Damaged or broken heating or cooling system.

Gas leak

Gas leak as a result of damaged gas pipe lines or gas appliances.

Broken hot water system

Damaged, broken or burst hot water system.

Burst pipe

Physical breakage of a pipe or joint, resulting in a burst pipe and uncontrollable water flow.

Burst tap or showerhead

Uncontrollable water flow as the result of a damaged or burst tap or showerhead.

Blocked toilet, drain or pipes

Blockage in toilet, drain or pipes preventing water flow, resulting in an overflow or backup.

Internal leak from damaged roof or guttering

Water leaking internally through ceilings or walls as a result of a damaged roof or guttering.

How to use Allianz Emergency home Assistance

Step 1

One of the 10 emergencies occurs at your home.

Step 2

You phone the 24/7 EHA number to be connected with a tradesperson.

Step 3

The tradesperson attends your property for repairs or to make it safe.

Questions about Emergency Home Assistance?

Your membership starts on the date you purchase Allianz Emergency Home Assistance, and expires 12 months from that date.

You can check your membership period on your Membership Certificate, which we’ll email you after purchase.

No. Your membership begins immediately when you purchase Allianz Emergency Home Assistance.

However, keep in mind that if an emergency event in your home is deemed to be 'pre-existing', you will not be able to use the service. Pre-existing means an event that arises from circumstances known to you prior to your membership start date.

No. If you’ve used all your included call-outs for the year, you have two options.

  • You can purchase a new plan right away, which will reset your included call-outs to 2, 4 or 8, depending on the plan you choose, subject to the terms and conditions including those around pre-existing events.
  • Or you can still continue to take advantage of our unlimited complimentary concierge service until your existing subscription expires and you can renew and reset your call-out entitlements.

You will receive up to $300 (Incl. GST) toward the cost of each call-out you’re entitled to. That means if the total cost of the repair is less than $300 (Incl. GST), you will have no out-of-pocket costs. If the total cost of the repair is more than $300 (Incl. GST), you will pay the difference.

You’ll be given an estimate of the total cost when you call, and the tradesperson will give you an updated estimate once they’ve arrived at your home and assessed the problem.

For any call-out, you can choose to use our free concierge service and pay for the full cost of the work yourself instead of using one of your call-outs, thereby saving the entitlement for a later call-out.

No. The maximum amount we can contribute towards any one call-out is $300 (Incl. GST). For example, if you are on a Lite Plan, you cannot combine your two $300 (Incl. GST) call-out entitlements into $600 (Incl. GST) credit towards a single call-out.

Allianz Emergency Home Assistance is on hand to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. So whether you have a burst water pipe at 3am, or a gas leak on Christmas Day, we’re here to help connect you with a tradesperson, wherever you live in Australia.

If you move to a new address where you’re the owner occupier, simply call us on 13 1000 and let us know, and we’ll update your membership and address details. Please note the property you transferring the membership to must be an 'eligible' property.

Even if you’re moving interstate, you can change your address while maintaining continuous Emergency Home Assistance membership, without having to switch providers.

Unfortunately, the property address cannot be changed or transferred for landlord memberships.

Absolutely. There is no limit to the number of properties you can arrange Allianz Emergency Home Assistance for.

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time by contacting us on the phone on 13 1000 or in writing via email or the post. However, we do not provide a refund for any unused portion of the subscription.

Questions about the tradesperson attending your emergency?

When you call our Emergency Home Assistance hotline on 1800 770 246 to report an incident, the customer service representative who answers your call will give you an estimated wait time on a tradesperson arriving at your home.

We will endeavour to arrange for a tradesperson to attend your property as soon as possible.

Once the tradesperson has attended your home emergency, assessed the situation and provided you with your options, their recommendations and the relevant costs, you can decide on a plan of action with the tradesperson. You will receive up to $300 (Incl. GST) toward the total cost of the call-out from Allianz.

In providing Emergency Home Assistance services, Allianz does not make a recommendation or provide any guarantee or warranty as to the quality of the work to be provided or as to the skills and qualifications of the tradesperson.

If you're unhappy with any aspect of the Emergency Home Assistance service or the work performed by a tradesperson in your home, please call us on 1800 770 246 to discuss.