Employee Benefits - Workplace

Self Managed Work

Self-Managed Work is about encouraging our employees to achieve their targets and be rewarded accordingly. It's based on the principle that you work the hours necessary to complete a particular job or project and regularly achieve your High Performance Targets - this then entitles you to additional paid days absence from work, known as "Productivity Days", up to 12 per year.

Employee Referral Program

If you, as an Allianz employee, refer a candidate for a position and that person is hired and completes six months with Allianz, you'll receive a $500 bonus (net of tax).

Employee Assistance Program

This is a counselling service provided in confidence by an external provider. It's available for employees who need help managing work-related or personal life concerns that may be affecting their work performance.

Allianz Employee Experience

"Productivity days are a great employee benefit as they allow for flexibility in terms of when you can take time off. Linking the benefit to productivity or work performance also encourages staff to keep up to date with, or ahead of, their work." Keith, Workers' Compensation, NSW.

"I always encourage people I know to join Allianz, as it's a great place to work. The Employee Referral Program is just an added incentive to keep up the referrals." Kelly, Broker and Agency, SA.