Employee Benefits - Community

Allianz in the Community Program (Outreach)

Allianz has partnered with the RSPCA, Starlight Children's Foundation and the Australian Cancer Council. Our Outreach program is a powerful yet simple way for all of us to make a real difference in our community by donating directly to charities who help those in need.

Workplace Giving

Allianz Outreach allows you to donate to a charity or charities direct from your pre-tax pay. You get an automatic and immediate tax deduction without the hassle of keeping and claiming receipts. It's also super-efficient - 100% of every dollar you donate through your pay goes directly to the charity.

Community Services Leave

All employees are provided one day's paid leave per year to volunteer their time and 'give back' to the community. Employees may use this time to participate in volunteering for one of our Allianz Outreach partner charities or for a community organisation of their choice.

Diversity Days

As an Allianz employee you can apply to substitute a non-national public holiday in order to observe another recognised religious holiday.

Allianz Employee Experience

"The community service leave is a rewarding opportunity to give back to the community including our national charity partners. I recently went to the Starlight Express Room (Starlight Children's Foundation) and forgot about work for a couple of hours.

Seeing the smiles and hearing the laughter leaves you feeling amazing knowing that you have helped them on this day be just a kid and not a sick kid in hospital.

The bonus of community service leave is that it doesn't have to be used for the Outreach charities but for anything relating to the community including your children's sports day or supporting your local charity at a fundraising event."

Emma, S&D Support Services