Your Career Development

The Allianz Learning Pathways aim to:

The program is tailored to the needs of individual job roles, and provides opportunity for staff to develop knowledge and skills that will support their career advancements and development at Allianz.

The training is structured in three consecutive phases:

Level 1: Provides an introductory level of knowledge

Level 2: Caters to staff who need more expertise and a higher authority

Level 3: Caters to senior staff who need specialised insurance knowledge

Employees work with their manager to decide which courses and levels are appropriate to their role and their career development plan.

Product Training

You will have the opportunity to learn about insurance through our comprehensive product training (relevant to your role). So if you're strong in customer service, but new to insurance, you'll still have the opportunity to develop a great career with Allianz.

Compliance Training

All new Allianz employees complete the five core compliance courses during their first six weeks of employment, and every Allianz employee needs to re-certify this training every three years. The core compliance courses are:

  • Allianz Trade Practices and Consumer Protection
  • Allianz Privacy
  • Allianz Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Getting a Grasp on Occupational Health and Safety
  • Getting a Grasp on Information Security

Sales Training

Both new and existing sales employees attend the Essential Selling Skills training course, which is designed to ensure consistency in language within and across divisions. It provides a common set of sales skills which complement our Miller Heiman Strategic Selling program.

As a Sales Manager, you will also be invited to attend our Essential Coaching and Counselling training course. At this course, you'll receive coaching kits that will help you:

  • Reinforce key principles of the training with your sales teams
  • Assess the progress of your sales people in applying the skills to their everyday sales activities.
Participating in these courses not only benefits your individual sales performance, but also helps us work better together to make Allianz a leader in Sales and Distribution.

Claims Training

Training provided to our Claims staff is extensive and comprehensive. Initially there is an Induction program which is designed to introduce new starters to Allianz and the Insurance industry. This program provides a supportive environment for people regardless of their previous experience.

Following the Induction program, employees are provided with opportunities to register for additional courses which cover a variety of technical and soft skill training for personal and career development. The courses assist in managing claims but also provide more general training focusing on customer service, empathy, time management, negotiation and leadership skills, just to name a few.

The training is such that the learning outcomes from sessions are transferable across all areas of the business and assist in the career and personal development of employees regardless of the direction their career takes.