Tips to plan your first EV road trip

Last updated on December 5, 2023

As the weather gets warmer and the holidays inch closer, many of us plan to get out on the road. If you’ve got an electric vehicle (EV) and it’s your first road trip, you’ll need to plan ahead to get to your destination.

Here are some tips to help make your first EV road trip a success.

Family getting into an electric vehicle about to embark on their road trip
It’s a good idea to find out before you leave where you’ll be able to charge your car along your route. With more EVs on the road, the number of chargers to keep up with the demand is also on the rise.

Most slow and fast chargers can be found on free mobile apps. You can download these apps to help you navigate the best route to your destination. Planning your charging stops ahead of time can help ensure you don’t run out of power mid-drive, and even allow you to see some additional sights along the way.

You can also read reviews for most charging locations written by other EV owners that have used them before, helping you decide whether or not it’s worth the stop.

You can also find important information about charging your EV on a road trip in these apps, including:

  • charger pricing
  • broken chargers
  • charger operational status updates
  • major road-tripping routes

Many charging stations also show up in Google and Apple Maps, so having these apps may also help in planning your route before hitting the road.

With a growing number of EVs on Australian roads, many destinations such as hotels and motels are starting to offer EV chargers.

Some online booking services have a filter to see which accommodation options offer EV charging.

It’s also worth asking your accommodation how you can book or pay for the charger before you arrive. This helps to ensure it’s available to top up your EV’s battery so you’re ready for the following day’s travels.

Before leaving home, it’s best to top-up your battery so you can save time and stop only when you need to further into your road trip.

This is particularly helpful if you plan on road-tripping during school holidays when a lot more drivers are on the road and some chargers may be busier than usual.

Charging the battery to full is just like charging your phone every night so it’s 100% in the morning to get you through the day.

Many EV manufacturers recommend charging within the daily charging limit based on your EV’s battery. Having said that, it’s fine to charge it to 100% every now and then, especially when heading on longer road trips.

That full top-up can get you further out to chargers that might be less busy than those located closer to big metropolitan areas.

As fast public chargers are more expensive than charging at home, it can help you save not only time but also money.

Before leaving for any road trip, check the following things for a more comfortable journey. Make sure that all tyres are in good condition and correctly inflated. Speak to a professional if you’re not sure what to look for.

On some trips, you might be carrying additional items and luggage that could make your EV heavier. Your car's manual will have information on how to properly fill your tyres under load.

Many EVs don’t come with a spare tyre. Be prepared by confirming if a tyre repair kit comes with your car or purchase one that suits your EV.

While on the road, bugs and other insects might stick to the front of the car, including your windscreen. Top up your washer fluid so you can clean the windscreen while on the go, as petrol stations aren’t always on the stopping route for EVs.

It’s also important to make sure all the lights on your car are working, especially if travelling after dark.

Packing for a road trip is always an exciting time. Remembering to pack the car with snacks, sunscreen, and your holiday essentials is always a good idea.

With your EV, remember to pack a charging cable that suits your car in case you need to charge at a public charging station that might not have one.

Having a Type 2 cable in the boot can always be helpful, but you can always purchase one along the road at a suitable retailer.

Before hitting the road, make sure your insurance policy provides cover for your EV and is up to date.

Consider whether Allianz Comprehensive Car Insurance might be right for you.

Some EV manufacturers offer roadside assistance, but it’s worth double-checking how it works for your EV.

You may also want to consider Allianz Roadside Assistance in the event your EV breaks down or you have a flat battery.1



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