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For a relaxing and unique escape from the daily grind, why not consider an authentic Australian experience at a bed and breakfast?

Quaint, quiet and comfortable are just a few of the words that might come to mind when thinking of bed and breakfasts. Bed and breakfast accommodation - B&Bs - offer a charming and friendly feel that hotels, motels and other lodgings sometimes lack. If you're ready for a unique and personalised holiday experience this summer, consider the option of an Australian B&B.

Bed and breakfasts offer all the familiar comforts that make a stay enjoyable and comfortable.

B&Bs are a great option for travellers who enjoy the feeling of a home away from home when they are on the roadi. The usual amenities that come with a hotel stay such as room service or 24-hour check-in often aren't available at a B&B. They do offer home cooked meals, individual attention from owners and are often decorated with unique furniture and artworkii. Local knowledge and the opportunity to get to know other guests are just some of the little extras that can often be found at a bed and breakfast, creating that welcoming atmosphere unique to this type of accommodation.

There are many different styles of B&Bs. Some offer high-class sophistication, while others take a more simple approach to their surroundings. Whether you are looking for a new experience, such as a farm stay where you can enjoy the land or an indulgent spa weekend away, there will be a B&B to suit your tastes almost anywhere in Australiaiii. Each B&B will offer variations in their facilities; some will be entirely self-contained while others may have shared dining, bathroom or lounge room areasiv. Some B&Bs don't allow children or pets, so it's best to check when booking if you are planning a family holidayi,iii.

Hosts often go out of their way to help you enjoy your stayii, offering practical tips, advice and friendly insights on where to visit during your stay. Speaking with a local, you're likely to learn about hidden gems that are off the beaten track.

Breakfasts comprising fresh and locally produced food or regional specialties are often a staple for B&Bs.

So how can you find a bed and breakfast for your next summer holiday? There are a number of websites that let you find and book a B&B, providing information, photos and contact details of the owner-operators, to make booking a breeze. Bed and Breakfast provides a comprehensive list of B&Bs all over Australia, as does TripAdvisor, Wotif, the Australian Bed & Breakfast Book and Oz Bed and Breakfast. Airbnb allows you to directly organise a booking with the owner, giving you personal contact with them before you arrive at the lodging. Airbnb has the added benefit of listing the owner's interests beforehand so you'll know what to expect and what topics you can ask them advice on.

Look out for the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program's accreditation tick, which certifies that the B&B has met specific criteria including professionalism, adhering to a code of ethics and high standards of business practice. B&Bs must undergo an assessment that demonstrates that the business complies with operating standards prior to being accepted as membersv.

On your next road trip, staying at a bed and breakfast might just become the most memorable part of your holiday.

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