Changes to the NSW Emergency Services Levy

About the ESL
What is the Emergency Services Levy? The Emergency Services Levy (ESL) is a NSW Government levy which is collected by insurers to support funding the NSW Emergency Services agencies with resources needed to protect property and save lives. ESL payments go towards funding the budgets for Fire & Rescue NSW, NSW Rural Fire Service and the NSW State Emergency Service.

Policyholders taking out home, landlords or car insurance in NSW may be charged an ESL.
What has changed? The Emergency Services Levy Insurance Monitor (ESL Insurance Monitor) has published a new price comparison order under Section 30 of the Emergency Services Levy Insurance Monitor Act 2016, requiring year-on-year price comparisons to be shown on NSW renewal invitations and reminders for active car, home and landlord insurance policies.

This is a positive move, simplifying how customers are presented with price information.
Why is Allianz making this change? The change to Allianz systems is being made to ensure we comply with the ESL Insurance Monitor requirement to provide a year on year price comparison for NSW small business and car, home and landlord policies, by 1 July 2019.

The implementation will be overseen across Australian insurers by the ESL Insurance Monitor which was established in June 2016 as an independent body to monitor the withdrawal and subsequent reintroduction of ESL.
When is this effective? The price comparison order applies from 1 July 2019, and will display on Allianz customer’s renewal documents due for renewal from 16 July 2019 onwards.
Allianz approach
How is Allianz implementing the change? National vs NSW
Allianz is applying the change nationally for all automatically generated small business, car, home and landlord renewal invitations and renewal reminders to achieve greater consistency of disclosure to our customers.

Aggregated premium vs annualised
Allianz has decided to display the price comparison for aggregated premium (premium actually paid to Allianz) including all mid-term adjustments undertaken throughout the prior insurance period, rather than an annualised premium. This is to ensure accuracy and make the information easier for customers to understand.

Product vs policy level comparisons
Because of the way policies are set up on our systems, for policies such as car, home and landlord, Allianz will show the price comparison at the individual product level, whereas business policies will show the price comparison at a policy level.
What does this mean for customers?
How will customers be affected? Customers with policies renewing from 16 July 2019 will see the price comparison information and table in their renewal and reminder documentation. The change will provide greater consistency, transparency and simplicity for customers in terms of the information set out in their renewals.
How will Allianz show the price comparison? We have developed a dedicated ESL page for the price comparison information which will be included with a customer’s small business and / or car, home or landlord renewal invitation and / or renewal reminder

  • NSW policies will have information about the NSW ESL Insurance Monitor included in the year on year comparison information

  • Non-NSW policies will include a different version which does not include the NSW ESL Insurance Monitor information but shares the price comparison to allow customers to compare year on year pricing on their insurance.
I’ve noticed there is an increase in the ESL charge on my renewal. Why has it increased? Allianz collects the NSW Emergency Services Levy on behalf of the New South Wales Government. We are continually monitoring our ESL collection rates from customers and adjusting to ensure we are collecting the correct amount.

Allianz has been advised that due to significant increases in workers compensation benefits for firefighters and the purchase of firefighting aircraft, the 2019-2020 budget for ESL has increased. This will mean that Allianz will need to increase ESL rates from 1 July in order to fund this increased liability. (
I am a customer in Queensland (or other non-NSW state). Why would I need to see NSW ESL on my comparison? For consistency and greater disclosure of pricing information to customers we decided to implement this change at a national level. This means while non-NSW customers have an ESL/FSL amount of zero, they have the benefit of seeing other charges like GST and Stamp Duty alongside their total premium year on year comparison.

Where can I find further information?
If you have any questions about your policy, you can contact Allianz on 1300 514 821. Information about the ESL Insurance Monitor can be found at: