Allianz Memory Safe

Because some things can’t be repaired or replaced.

Your insurance covers the things that can be repaired or replaced, but what about your irreplaceables? The photos of generations gone by, finger paintings from school, or the old 8mm film of your mum’s first family holiday.

At Allianz, we understand these cherished memories could never be replaced should they be lost in extreme weather; they’re priceless. Which is why Allianz has partnered with, who will be giving the first 5,0001 new and existing Allianz customers a free online memory safe to help protect them for future generations. Offer is made on a first come first served basis!

The offer includes a complimentary subscription to the Premium Lifetime Membership package (valued at $199) and includes:

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Allianz Memory Safe, powered by, is a private, safe and beautiful space to protect your most sentimental memories.

Protecting memories has never been more important

Margaret Rowe, 79-year-old Batemans Bay resident, had to flee as the bushfires approached her home in 2020, and reflects on the sense of panic she felt knowing her family photos, lace and letters were not safely documented for future generations.

“I quickly packed my lace embroidery because my family loves them so much, and I would hate to think of losing these when they are so precious to my children and grandchildren. It’s really made our family reflect on how we need to take time to document these items now so we are not in a position where we might lose them if we are faced with disaster,” Margaret said.

Here to help Australians protect their belongings

According to Allianz research3, 72 per cent of Aussies are not prepared should a disaster occur and a further 60 per cent are concerned about future disasters.

Find out how you can prepare below.

Understanding home insurance

How to safeguard your most precious belongings

Be prepared for extreme weather

Frequently Asked Questions (“Memories”) is a private and secure space to upload and share memories of the people, places, moments and milestones that matter most, so that they can be replicated in the event of damage or loss. The online platform is a vault, a visual timeline and digital memory box to future-proof and preserve your family history so it can be enjoyed by your children’s children.
Allianz Memory Safe is exclusively available to the first 5,0001 new or existing Allianz customers who register here. The first 5,000 memberships will receive a complimentary Premium Lifetime Membership package. Please note offer is made on a first come, first served basis!
The Premium Lifetime Membership is usually valued AUD$199 per year. This includes:
  • Unlimited Storage (for photos, videos, files, etc.)
  • Unlimited Timelines
  • Future Messages
  • Personal Vault
  • Advertising Free
  • Private and Data Secure
Allianz customers can sign up via the link here 2.
Once you sign up, the Premium Lifetime Membership can last a lifetime, unless you choose to cancel your membership.
Allianz Memory Safe is designed for new and existing Allianz customers. However, the platform can still be accessed by any member of the public, subject to joining and membership fees.
In the event that you wish to cancel your membership, you can contact Memories at 131 MEMORIES, and you will be emailed a unique link to securely download your data in a zip file within 14 days.
If you choose to sign up to the Premium Lifetime Membership package, your data will be managed by Memories, not Allianz. Memories takes security very seriously, and you should take the time to familiarise yourself with the Memories terms and conditions and privacy policy before signing up. More information can be found here.