Policy inclusions matter, not just price

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At Allianz, we don’t claim to be the cheapest auto insurance provider on the market. Instead, we stand by the quality of our product and our customer-centric service.

Allianz insurance customers, like most insurance customers, are motivated by price when it comes to choosing a comprehensive car insurance policy. But almost as significant in their consideration is the level of cover provided by that policy.

This was one of the findings to come out of an extensive investigation Allianz conducted in 2021 into customers’ dealer journeys. According to Allianz Dealer Journey Insights & Opportunities, January 2021, 55 per cent of customers who purchased insurance were motivated by the price of that policy, compared to 49 per cent who made their decision based on policy cover.

While Allianz makes every effort to moderate the price of our Premier Motor Insurance policy, we’re content to be assessed on the extensive benefits it includes rather than on price alone. Our goal is to work with our dealer partners so they can provide an optimal customer experience, keep the customer within the dealership’s ecosystem and provide a downstream benefit.

Reinforcing policy benefits through dealer training

Allianz’s national account managers engage Original Equipment Manufacturers to conduct joint training sessions with account managers at dealerships. At these sessions, dealers can better understand the benefits of Allianz’s Premier Motor Insurance policy and how they can introduce the policy’s features to their customers. The aim is to show that while we may sometimes be beaten on price, our value proposition is second to none.

Lisa Tran, one of Allianz’s Victoria-based national account managers, says the training sessions offer an opportunity to show how Allianz’s Premier Motor Insurance policy stacks up against our competitors’ policies.

“It’s easy to make a distinction between what Allianz has to offer versus the other major insurers,” says Tran, who conducts approximately 20 training sessions every year. “Plus, it’s an opportunity to understand first-hand what concerns our dealer partners have, if any,” she adds.

Tran says the training sessions are a chance to reiterate the benefits of Allianz insurance:

Ultimately, Allianz and our dealer partners share the same goal of providing a better experience and nurturing long-term relationships with customers.

“While price will always be a consideration for customers, the coverage offered by our policy matters too, as does Allianz’s strong brand and service offering,” Tran says.

1 Premiums payable by instalments may be subject to minor adjustments (upwards or downwards) due to rounding and financial institution transaction fees may apply.

2Subject to availability and policy limits.