Winter doesn’t have to be costly: heating tips to help customers save

Last updated on 20 June 2024
Every year, as winter creeps in, energy bills rise. We want to help you support customers through changing times. This includes helping customers save energy, and in doing so, reduce their bills. 

That’s why we partnered with the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) to launch Green Specs. It’s an online tool to help customers make energy efficient choices around the home, based on the GBCA’s Sustainable Home Renovations Guide 1.

“Green Specs aims to bridge a knowledge gap,” explains Sema Whittle, Allianz’s General Manager of Corporate Governance and Sustainability. “It provides a wealth of information about everything from using sustainable building materials, to choosing greener appliances.” 

On Green Specs, customers can discover a whole range of tips on how to more efficiently heat their homes during the winter months.

There’s another benefit to these tips.

“Changes that are good for the planet, can also be good for your health and your pocket,” points out Davina Rooney, CEO of GBCA. That’s definitely a win-win.

These heating related tips can help your customers solve some of their winter woes.

As the weather cools down, look for any unused vents in your ceiling or walls. Seal those that are not needed for ventilation to prevent moisture or un-flued gas heaters. Seal up any gaps around your doors or windows. It’s a quick and easy way to lower heat loss without turning on the heaters.
Installing blinds and curtains are an easy and inexpensive way to help save on your energy bills. Curtains reduce the amount of air exchange between a cold window and the rest of the room. They keep heat inside, particularly if they are floor length, close to the window and are made of heavy or thick fabric. Best to close the curtains before it gets dark in the evening.
Multi-directional ceiling fans can spin clockwise or anticlockwise to cool you down in summer and warm you up in winter. In winter the fan pulls cool air up, and pushes warm air that has naturally risen, back down.
If you have a gas or wood heater, retrofit it with seals and flues. This will help make sure your indoor air quality is healthy. There are other affordable options to gas that are also efficient to run. Where possible, go gas free and choose electric heaters.
Simply turning down the thermostat on your instantaneous hot water system to 50°C can help save you money on your energy bills.
It’s not necessary to heat the house if you can warm yourself up in other ways. Here are some additional tips to keep you warm this winter.

Wooden floors and tiles can feel pleasantly cool in summer but become cold in winter. Gaps between floorboards can also cause drafts. Rugs are the solution. They not only provide warmth but a soft surface to walk on. Larger rugs can cover more floor space and will improve the insulation of the room.

Want a smarter shopping option? Be more sustainable and boost your savings by browsing op shops or online marketplaces.​

Oven icon
Bake delicious goods and create a warmer home. Trap heat in your kitchen after using the oven. Simply close internal doors and open the oven door to release the warm air. Make sure you double check that the oven has been turned off.
Door  icon
Sealing the gaps around your doors and windows can save energy and money. It keeps hot or cold air from getting into your home. If you don’t have a door stopper, a rolled-up towel does the trick.

You can also close and seal the doors leading to empty rooms. Only heating the spaces you’re using can avoid wasting energy.
Steaming teacup icon

Put on a jumper or dressing gown instead of turning on the heaters when you’re feeling chilly. You can keep your feet warm with thick socks or slippers. You can even snuggle up under a throw or blanket.

Warm the soul with a delicious beverage of your choice. This may be a milky morning coffee, a moment of serenity with a tea, or a thermos of hearty soup. It’s a great way to enjoy a moment of warmth.

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