Getting ready for extreme weather

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Throughout the year, different parts of Australia experience catastrophic (CAT) weather events, such as bushfires, storms, floods and cyclones.

As part of our commitment to being behind Australians for what’s ahead, we’ve prepared some information to help your customers navigate these four common CAT events.

Share these tips with your customers on what to do before, during and after a severe weather event.

Help your customers get prepared

There are three main steps that your customers can take to help prepare for any weather event:

  1. Create a safety plan – Develop an action plan and make sure they familiarise themselves with it.
  2. Prepare their home – Secure important and valuable items or reinforce parts of their home to ensure minimal damage.
  3. Know their insurance cover – Know what their insurance covers and make sure that the sum they’re insured for covers the replacement value of the items they wish to insure.

Preparing for a bushfire

Preparing for the upcoming bushfire season can help reduce the impact and damage to property.
Download our tips (PDF, 314KB) for what your customers can do to keep themselves and their property safe ahead of the bushfire season.

Preparing for a severe storm

Storms cause significant damage to Australian communities each year.
Download our tips (PDF, 202KB) for how your customers can safeguard their homes and vehicles to reduce the impact on their home or business.

Preparing for a flood

This season, a higher risk of widespread and prolonged flooding is expected in flood-prone areas.
Download our tips (PDF, 207KB) for what your customers can do to evaluate their flood risk and reduce the impact on their home or business.

Preparing for a cyclone

Combining strong winds, heavy rain and flying debris, cyclones can be devastating.
Download our tips (PDF, 214KB) for what your customers can do before, during and after a cyclone to reduce the impact on their home or business.

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