Tips for your Christmas Retail Display

Tips for your Christmas Retail Display

The Christmas season is a time of joy and wonder, and for many retailers, it’s also a time of peak sales. Holiday retail displays are a great opportunity to share in the festive spirit, while also attracting customers and maximising sales. Research has shown that good visual merchandising leads directly towards positive customer perceptions of your brand and increased purchases. i This perception is even more important during the busy Christmas period, where the average Australian plans to spend close to $1,000. ii In this article, we outline some tips for your holiday retail display, from design to execution.


1. Capture the holiday joy

Great examples of visual merchandising create a mood, and tell a story. They utilise sensory marketing, and take advantage of colour, mood, and even touch and smell, to create the right impression on customers. iii Your retail display can use these elements to capture the joy and positivity of the Christmas season. There is an abundance of Christmas cues for you to take advantage of, from colours, to well-loved items and patterns. The important thing is not to use these elements at random, but rather to think about how your business relates to a feel-good holiday narrative, and create your display from there.

You don’t have to put Santa front and centre to capture the holiday spirit. The holiday season means different things to different people, so you may also wish to consider a display that captures the festive spirit while also including those who celebrate other holidays. Don’t be afraid to put your own touch on the holiday tropes.


2. Consider your whole store

Your window display is not the only aspect to consider when arranging your merchandising for Christmas. Create a festive feeling that runs throughout your store, and think about how the different elements of your decorations can work together.

To create the greatest impact, consider extending your display out of doors, so it is visible from the street. This will grab the attention of passers-by, and help to attract people to your shop.

It’s also important to add Christmas cheer to the area around your point-of-sale system. Queues during the holiday season are likely to be longer than normal, and this creates a great opportunity to keep people entertained while they wait. iv


3. Draw attention to your products

An effective Christmas display enhances the appeal of your products, rather than distracting from it. When setting up your display, make sure your products are part of the Christmas wonder. Display as much as you can, but keep shopping easy for customers by grouping objects that are similar. Make sure each part of your visual merchandising focuses on one or two central products that take centre stage for maximum impact.

Custom window fixtures and displays are also a great opportunity to draw attention at the same time as highlighting your Christmas offers. You could also consider having a temporary decal placed on your windows with an eye-catching message or sale sign.


4. Be aware of WHS

Once you’ve finished planning your design, it’s time to put everything together and get ready for the holiday period. It’s important to be aware of safety during this time.

Christmas displays involve a lot of stock moving, and shelf stacking, and these should be performed in the proper manner. To reduce risk, make sure your staff are trained in correct manual handling techniques. v

If you’re going that extra mile and creating a custom display, you’re likely to have a number of tradespeople in your retail space, so make sure it is a safe environment. Any electrical equipment involved in your display should be installed by a licensed electrician, and your environment and built elements should be secured. You may also wish to make sure your insurance is up to date.

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