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If something goes wrong on the road, you may find you need to make a claim on your car insurance.

If you find yourself in an accident, the following details the steps on how to lodge a car insurance claim. If you experience any problems making your claim we’re here to help – call us on 13 10 13 for assistance. Visit online claims to lodge your claim. 

If you’re involved in a Motor Vehicle accident

If you’re involved in an accident, here are the steps to gather information, and lodge your claim.

Step 1: Assist any injured party and move your vehicle1

Call an ambulance if there is a serious injury.

If you can still drive your vehicle, move it off the road. If your vehicle is not driveable, arrange for it to be towed to the nearest place of safety. If you have Allianz Comprehensive Car Insurance we will cover reasonable costs of towing.

When you call us to make a claim we can help you find a towing service if you haven’t arranged one already.

Step 2: Exchange information1

Exchange details with all drivers involved in the crash, as well as the owners of any property that may have been damaged.

For each vehicle involved in the crash, you should collect as many details as you can such as:

  • The name, address, contact number and licence number of the driver
  • The name and address of the vehicle’s owner (if different to the driver)
  • The vehicle’s registration number
  • Any other information needed to identify the vehicle

You should also collect the name, phone number, and address details from anyone present whose property has been damaged in the crash.

If there are witnesses nearby who saw the collision, ask for their name and phone numbers as well.

Step 3: Document the crash

If possible and safe to do so, take photos and videos (with your smartphone or camera) of the crash site, roadway, weather conditions and resulting damage to the vehicle/s and other property. Make sure to be thorough and capture as much of the damage as possible. You may also wish to write notes about what occurred.

Step 4: Notify police, if required

Depending on what happened during the crash, you might need to notify the police. Notification requirements differ depending on the state or territory. You’ll need to report your crash if 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7i:

  • A person was killed or injured (all states)
  • A driver did not give their details to other drivers (all states)
  • A vehicle was towed away after the accident (NSW, SA, QLD, TAS, NT)
  • Property damage exceeds $3000 (SA, WA)
  • The owner or representative of damaged property was not present (WA, VIC)

If you’re not sure whether you need to report your crash, it may be best to report it anyway.

Step 5: Submit your claim

Submit your claim online , or call our claims department on 13 10 13 to speak with a friendly Allianz representative.

If your vehicle has been stolen

If your vehicle has been stolen, you’ll need to:

Step 1: Report the theft to the police

Call the police and let them know your vehicle has been stolen. You will need to provide them with information such as your car’s make, model, colour, and registration number. The police will then give you an incident report number that you’ll need to provide to us when lodging your insurance claim.

Step 2: Submit your claim

Submit your claim online, or call our claims department on 13 10 13 to speak with a friendly Allianz representative.

Please note the information in this article is general in nature and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider obtaining independent advice before making any decisions based on this article
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