Tips for decorating kids rooms

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Sometimes it can feel like kids outgrow their bedrooms and playrooms faster than you can keep up. However, decorating for kids can be a lot of fun and with these tips you can create a space that your child will really enjoy.

Choose a fun theme and colour palette for your kid's room.

Kids rooms are the room in the home where you can be the most creative when it comes to decorating because you can really experiment with colour and design. A great room can reflect the child’s personality and interests and, most importantly, is a space where kids can have a lot of fun. Here are some simple ways to get started decorating a kids room.

Choose a colour palette and a theme

Choosing a theme for the room is a great way to get kids involved in the decorating process. A theme should reflect a child's interests and the things that make them happy, whether it’s dinosaurs, fairies, trains, forests, castles or outer space - the possibilities are endlessi. Once you've picked a theme that everyone is happy with, it's a good idea to pick a few colours to stick to for the décori. If you choose to paint the room to tie in your theme colours it's important to double-check that the paint you are using is child-safe and to let the room air properly after painting.

Have fun with prints

Throw out the rules you would usually apply to decorating your living or dining room. Kids love colours so don't be afraid of choosing bold prints and mixing prints on wallpapers and soft furnishings. As long as the prints share some colours and have a similar scale they won't look mismatched or clashing. Modern kids rooms are starting to steer away from the traditional princesses or rocket ship bedspreads and curtains to bold geometric prints, modern florals and animal print rugsii.

Get creative

One fun idea for a kids room is a "creative corner" - simply set up a desk with paints, drawing materials or even a beginner's sewing machine and decorate the walls with your child's best artworksii. It's not just a way to encourage creativity but also a great technique to keep all those arts and crafts supplies contained in one area. It might also be worth thinking about creative ways to store toys; options range from stacked crates to hanging nets. Another suggestion is to display toys on shelves as works of art - lots of small toy cars or trains lined up on a shelf looks particularly special.

A great way to encourage creativity and to keep arts and crafts supplies contained is to set up a

Think about how you can make the room easy to update

As kids outgrow their childhood interests and tastes, their room will have to be updated. One way to simplify the process is to primarily choose furniture for your kid's room that will last rather than buying kids furnitureiii. Removable wardrobe stickers, wall art decals and fabric wallpaper are only few of many ways to decorate regular shelves, wardrobes or bedframes according to your kid’s taste. That way your child's room will remain a happy and fun space for them to enjoy while they grow up without you having to buy new furniture after a few years.

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