Streaming home entertainment in 2015

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Stan, Presto, Quickflix, Play and Netflix are the new players in the home entertainment game, and with pricing starting at $10 a month, they're looking to make a compelling reason for people to leave Pay TV behind. But before you cut the cable and tune in online, you need to know where you'll find your favourite show.

Streaming services are challenging Pay TV and free to air for your home entertainment dollars.

Here's a wrap-up of what's on offer when it comes to Internet home entertainment.

Streaming Need to Know


Quickflix is a streaming and post-back DVD rental service with some new releases and a good back catalogue of TV shows and movies.

What can I watch?

Orphan Black, House of Cards season two, The Walking Dead, and new release films such as Boyhood, Before I Go To Sleep and Dracula Untold.

How do I watch it?i

Resolution: SD, HD

Cost: The cost is $10 per month for catalogue movie and TV showsii, but premium movies cost $6 (SD) and premium TV is $3 per episodeiii.


The launch of Netflix is highly anticipated in Australia.

What can I watch?

Movies and TV including Netflix original series House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Marco Polo and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

How do I watch it?

Netflix has announced that at launch, the service will be available "on smart TVs, tablets and smartphones, computers and a range of Internet-capable game consoles and set-top boxes"iv. More details on device support will be made available.

Resolution: SD, HD and 4K ultra HD

Cost The Basic plan costs $8.99 per month and allows streaming in SD on one device at a time. The Standard plan ($11.99 per month) allows simultaneous HD streaming on two devices. If you want to stream in UltraHD when it is available, as well as HD, you will need the Premium plan ($14.99 per month): this plan allows simultaneous streaming on up to four devicesv.

Foxtel Play

Play offers many, but not all shows from Foxtel pay TV, streamed instead of delivered via an iQ box and a cable connection.

What can I watch?

Popular new series such as Game of Thrones, Veep, and Girls.

How do I watch it?

Resolution: SD

Cost: The basic entertainment package is $25 per month and the premium movies and drama is another $20 for all the hit shows and movies.

Watch using a range of devices, from smart TVs to tablets.


Presto is another Foxtel service that started out as a movie streaming platform but has since added TV shows to its line-up.

What can I watch?

Popular shows such as The Sopranos, The Good Wife, The Newsroom and Boardwalk Empire, although many new TV series are missing.

How do I watch it?vii

Resolution: SD

Cost $10 per month for movies or $10 per month for TV, or $15 for both movies and TVvii


Stan is a joint venture between the Nine Network and Fairfax Media that launched in February this year.

What can I watch?

Stan has Better Call Saul, Transparent, Fargo, Orphan Black as well as kids series such as Dora the Explorer, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Octonauts. They also feature movies such as The Wolf of Wall Street, The Lego Movie and the entire James Bond collectionviii.

How do I watch it?ix

Resolution: SD, HD

Cost $10 per month.

What about EzyFlix TV and FetchTV?

EzyFlix has a streaming and disc-to-digital service to access online copies of UltraViolet DVDs onlinex. TV series including Better Call Saul and Orange is the New Black cost $3 per episode and new release movies such as John Wick, Boyhood and The Judge cost $6 (SD)xi.

FetchTV is an ISP-delivered catch-up TV service that also offers a small range of pay TV channels. It costs about $30 per month for the movie and TV package that also includes the hard drive recorder.

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