Smart, cloud-supported, home video monitoring

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Cloud-connected cameras are the next generation in personal home monitoring to help you view what's going on inside and outside of your home. Linking to the cloud and connecting cameras with other smart devices gives people a much better way to monitor as well as control their home environment.

Do-it-yourself home video monitoring can be used to monitor your home when you are at work, on holiday, or even just out for the night.

Home Cameras Need to Know

Set up your smart home monitoring

You don't need to be a network engineer to set up a smart home monitoring system. One camera in a room might be all you need, or add more cameras if you want to monitor more parts of your house. You'll need a home wireless network that is should be running wireless security.

Cloud stored video can usually be monitored through a Web browser from anywhere, and the system may also have a dedicated smartphone or tablet app.

What are some of your options?

Some of the newer smart cams coming onto the market have lots of features for viewing and saving your home video recordings. Here are some examples.

Belkin's NetCam Wi-Fi Camera and the NetCam HD Wi-Fi Camera that work with WeMo Home Automation are cameras that can record day and night. The camera connects to your home Wi-Fi network and video can be viewed on mobile devices with the Netcam iOS or Android app. It can record to a mobile device, it will send motion-detected email alerts and has an additional paid cloud storage option. It's part of the Belkin WeMo family of smart automation products that can also link to IFTTT.

Belkin's NetCam Wi-Fi Cameras work with WeMo Home Automation.
Arlo by Netgear is a wireless high-definition camera that can be used indoors and outside. It has a night vision feature and up to four cameras can be linked for monitoring multiple area. The Arlo system uses a base station that connects with an Ethernet cable to your home router. It then 'talks' to the wireless camera - or cameras if you're using more than one - and video can be viewed on an iOS or Android mobile device using the Arlo app. It has seven days or 1GB of free cloud storage for up to five cameras and paid plans if you need more storage from more cameras. The Arlo cameras have long battery life, but aren't intended to record continuously 24/7; instead, they record by scheduling or motion detection.
Netgear's Arlo can use motion detection and record video to the cloud.

Swann cameras like the ADS-456 SwannCloud HD Plug & Play Wi-Fi Security Camera with Smart Alerts can save video to a cloud server. Recorded video can be viewed on personal computers as well as Android and Apple iOS smartphones and tablets.