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With a home contents inventory, keeping track of what's in your house is much easier. That's great for assessing the home insurance you need. And, in the case of a loss such as a burglary or fire, it will help you claim on your contents insurance.

Collating a home inventory is unlikely to be a task many people look forward to. However, with home inventory smartphone apps it is now a whole lot easier.

Home Inventory

Home Inventory costs $4.99 and is available from Apple's AppStore for Macbook, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. The app comes with fourteen commonly used fields that make cataloguing items much easier, including make, quantity and price. The user can also create custom fields, add photos and include additional notes about the item. What's more is that when Home Inventory is installed on two or more devices, recorded items are automatically synchronised with one another, so that your iPhone can access whatever you've recorded on your Macbook. Your inventory can be viewed in the form of a detailed or summary report by location or category and then printed off for your convenience. For those who have one or more contents insurance policies, for example, for a home residence and holiday residence, Home Inventory also allows you to add basic details of your insurance policies and then match them up to any recorded item of your choice.

The Home Inventory app has fourteen fields set up onto it, so users don't have to think of their own!

MyHome Pro: Home Inventory

MyHome Pro is an app developed for phones running on the Android system and costs $3.99 to buy. With this app, users can tag inventory items under Room and Category groups to make locating these items much easier. MyHome Pro also has a list of common items pre-set in its system so that additional contents can be entered into the database quickly and easily. Similar to the Home Inventory app, photos can be included for each item and the final inventory can be printed out. MyHome Pro can be password protected.

Android users can record their inventory with the MyHome Pro app

Box It Up

Initially created to make packing boxes during a move much more convenient, this free and basic app from the Apple Appstore also works well for inventorying any items you have in storage boxes. To start adding items into your Box It Up app, create a "Room" and then add a new "Box". Add photos to accompany the items or email recorded box lists to yourself as backup. This app works on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

iPhone users can create a home inventory for free with the Box It Up app

Playcolors Home Inventory

This home inventory app for Android phones is free but users have to put up with ads unless they choose to pay for the Deluxe Version. Users can group their contents by location, category or room and then use plain text search to find the item they're looking for. There is no limit as to how many categories you can create but unfortunately, once a category is created you can't get rid of it. Add photos, tags and notes to your archived items so they can be easily identified.

This app is great for tallying the worth of your possessions as it can give you a financial summary of specified locations or categories - so you get an overview of how much you've spent on the items in each room. Great for itemising a lot of possessions, Playcolors make information easier to digest with the option of saving your inventory in the CSV format for use in other programs like Microsoft Excel.

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