5 tips to create an awesome home office

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Flexible hours, less distractions, the convenience of your own home - there are many perks to working from home. To get the most out of your time spent in the home office, consider these 5 tips.

As the many Australians who work from home at least one day per weeki already know, it's important to have a functional and distraction-free workspace at home. One of the benefits of setting up your home office is having the freedom to create an inspiring and personalised workspace that suits your needs. Your home office should provide you with a place to complete your projects on time and maintain some structure to your day. Help ensure that your workspace is functional, efficient and fosters your productivity by following these 5 tips.

Natural light and an ergonomically designed space can improve the way you work.

1. Order your office

When working from home, it helps to be organisedii. Keep your desk and other surface areas free of clutter and take the time to file away documents when you have finished with them. The type of work you do will likely contribute to the look of your workspace and the necessary items you have around you. While there is no 'best' way to set up a home office, it is helpful to remove non-work related items to counteract distraction and keep you feeling in control.

2. Storage solutions

The inspiration and possibilities can seem endless when searching for an answer to your storage needs. Magazines, blogs and Pinterest can be valuable sources of ideas but not everything you see will be practicaliii. Choose furniture that is functional and maximises the available space. If your workspace will be in the living room consider using bookshelves not just for storage, but to help separate your work and personal areasv.

3. Ergonomics and lighting

Prevention is always better than cure so investing in ergonomic furniture and equipment is important when setting up your workspace. Consider the safest, most comfortable and supportive seating and ensure that you arrange your chair, computer screen and keyboard correctly. If you're not sure, you can always search for a certified professional ergonomist in your area to assist.

If possible, situate your desk near a window in order to take advantage of natural lightiii. Incorporating a table lamp on your desk can add a creative touch while providing extra light where it's needed mostiii. Sufficient lighting can help to reduce eyestrain headaches and keep you alertiv.

4. Technology

You may want to consider upgrading your home broadband or phone lines if you are likely to be making a lot of phone calls and faxes, or using the Internet heavily. Also consider buying a multifunction printer, scanner and copier to save space and easily produce documents as you need them.

Take advantage of vertical space by incorporating a bookshelf into your home office.

5. Enjoy the flexibility of working from home

Even though setting up your home office in a way that is safe and encourages efficiency is important, you shouldn't feel the need to recreate a corporate cubicle. Benefit from the opportunity to work at home by making the space your own by adding personal touches. A fresh coat of paint, a new rug, an art piece and a few of your favourite photos can go a long way towards creating a space that you will actually want to useiii.

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