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If you have sustained a work related injury or illness Allianz will work with you to ensure you get the appropriate treatment and make your return to work as quick and safe as possible. Allianz will guide you through the claims process, help you understand your rights and obligations and any workers compensation benefits you may be entitled to. We will work with you, your doctor and your employer to support a return to work and health as quickly and safely as possible.

Rights and responsibilities

These are set out in the Workers Compensation Act 1987 and Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act 1998 (detailed below). You must make all reasonable efforts to return to work in your pre-injury employment or alternative suitable employment. If you refuse a reasonable offer of suitable employment, provisional payments may be discontinued. These responsibilities involve your active participation in the following steps towards your recovery at work:
  1. Working collaboratively with us to develop a plan that outlines your return to work and health, as well as fulfilling your commitments and responsibilities detailed in the plan.
  2. Nominating a medical practitioner who is prepared to participate in the development of a plan that outlines your return to work and health.
  3. Actively participating in any assessment for the determination of your capacity for employment; this may include workplace/vocational rehabilitation or medical examination.
  4. Notifying us of any changes to your personal details or change in your medical and treatment providers.
  5. Advising us of change in employment that affects your earnings; whether it is new employment or in your own business


Claim forms

  • Worker Injury Claim Form
  • Permanent Impairment Claim Form
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Reimbursement forms

  • Travelling Expense Form
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General Forms

  • EFT Authorisation Form
  • Third party authority Form
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Return to work forms

  • Workplace Rehabilitation Intervention
  • Allianz Risk Services
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