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Allianz is one of the largest general insurers and leading private workers compensation insurers in Australia, providing workers compensation cover for approximately one in five Australian employees.

We are committed to establishing and maintaining a successful partnership with all our customers. We aim to deliver high quality, consistent and cost-effective workers compensation solutions to reduce workplace injuries and improve return to work outcomes. We have a proven track record of helping injured workers return to work at the earliest opportunity.

Allianz workers compensation offers:

Return to work

Central to our proven track record in delivering timely and sustainable return to work outcomes is a commitment to solutions that focus on recovery at work, at the earliest opportunity. Allianz understands the importance of integrating this principle into our core claims management activities to achieve positive return to health and work outcomes for workers and minimise the cost to your business. Our recovery at work philosophy is supported by a model that focuses on:

Supported by our Risk Management team, we also provide comprehensive return to work training packages to assist you with the worker's timely re-integration into the workplace following a workplace injury. We are committed to working collaboratively with you and recognise this is crucial to delivering positive outcomes on each claim.


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