NSW WC - Employer

We give you the confidence to focus on your business.

We understand that you need to focus on your business not worry about insurance. We are here to:

Manage a Policy

icare Workers Insurance acts as the Nominal Insurer for workers compensation on behalf of the NSW Government and manages workers insurance policies in NSW including new policies with the exception of organisations covered by self and specialised insurance arrangements.

Please contact icare for more information by calling 13 44 22 or www.icare.nsw.gov.au.

Lodge a Claim

It’s important workers access treatment quickly after an injury as this will generally improve the recovery outcome and get them back to work sooner.

Employers who have elected to have their claims managed by Allianz under icare’s Authorised Provider arrangements can notify us of a claim by:

Phone: 1300 360 595 (Monday to Friday: 8.30am to 5:00pm)

Email: AllianzNewclaims@icare.nsw.gov.au

Remember you need to notify claims within 48 hours of an injury, otherwise a claims excess may apply.