NSW WC - Employer

We give you the confidence to focus on your business.

We understand that you need to focus on your business not worry about insurance. We are here to help by:

NSW workers compensation policies must now be purchased direct from icare workers insurance (icare). Allianz will manage your workers compensation claims on behalf of icare focusing on getting your people back to health and back to work safely.

Click here to start your online quote with icare. Remember when completing the quote, select Allianz Australia as the scheme agent for your claims management.

For more information, please contact us on 1300 130 664.

You must have workers compensation in NSW if you:

  • Pay annual wages of more than $7,500, and
  • Employ or hires worker on a regular, casual or contract basis.

Workers expect and have the right to feel safe from both physical and mental risks at work. Financially, it makes sense to reduce costs associated with:

  • Staff absenteeism and lost productivity,
  • Staff recruitment and training,
  • Potential litigation,
  • Higher workers compensation premiums linked to claims performance, and
  • Damage to your business reputation.

We are committed to helping you to make your workplace safer. To find out what tools and resources are available, visit workplace safety and training or contact our NSW risk services team.

You need to advise us within 48 hours of an injury because the sooner your worker gets treatment, the better the outcome for both you and them.

Early injury management intervention and helping your worker recover while at work has significant social, health and financial benefits. Our specialised teams are best placed to collaborate with the worker, their health professional and yourself to tailor work health plans delivering the best results for everyone.

Remember, for small businesses (premiums less than $30,000) your claims performance is not used to calculate your premium – so there is no reason not to report injuries quickly.