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Cover for your Small Business

You control your business, and now you can have control over your business insurance.

With Small Business Advantage Pack Insurance from Allianz you can select cover options available for your industry and occupation.

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  • Benefit from our up to 15% online discount for the Small Business Advantage Pack*.
  • Online cover options for more than 2000 small business occupations
  • Choose from a range of covers to suit your business needs

Public Liability Insurance

Allianz Small Business Advantage Pack offers you the option of $5 Million,
$10 Million or $20 Million Limit of Indemnity within our Public Liability cover.
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For businesses with more specific requirements

Small Business Advantage Pack

Business Insurance for customers with more complex requirements and offers a selection of cover options that you can choose from that may not be available online.

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Office Pack

Office Insurance for office occupying professionals with a range of cover options to choose from.

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Trades and Services Pack

Cover for Trades and Services professionals who are mobile - for businesses with a turnover less than $1 million and no more than 5 employees.

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Farm Package

Allianz Farm Pack provides a broad range of insurance protection for farmers and includes the flexibility of choice from 13 different covers to help protect your farming business.
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What is business insurance?

Depending on your selected coverage business insurance helps cover your business from financial uncertainty resulting from unexpected events or circumstances.

Investment in a business goes beyond money and equipment. When you set up and own a business, you are also investing your hopes and dreams, years of hard work and savings, and the livelihoods of yourself and your employees. When something unfortunate happens - such as a fire, injury, or a liability case against you - the consequences can be devastating.

If your business suffers financially as a result of an event, business insurance can help you recover. Insurance can provide cover for losses directly related to the event (such as our Material Damage cover), and those that you face if you're required to temporarily stop trading – because outgoings still have to be paid even when income stops (such as our Business Interruption cover).

Small Business Advantage Pack Insurance supports you so that your business can survive the unexpected. Depending on the types of cover you select in your Small Business Advantage Pack Insurance, you can get the mandatory essentials – like Public and Product Liability cover – and the covers that are relevant to your occupation and industry.

Small Business Insurance from Allianz has been designed with small business-specific risks in mind.

Why choose Allianz for your Small Business Insurance


Our online system enables you to apply for the cover for over 2000 occupations.


Our insurance experts can assist in explaining our cover options for you to choose from.

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