Allianz is the Official Insurance Partner of the
Australian Olympic & Paralympic teams

Allianz in the community

For over 100 years, Allianz has been helping Australians secure their future, and as an insurer is committed to contribute and engage with the community to be a leading corporate citizen through social impact, and environmental, social, governance (ESG) integration.

Social Impact

At Allianz, we use our experience to tackle some of the most significant societal issues of our time. From small actions in our teams and communities to large-scale investment decisions, we believe social impact is everyone’s business – and everyone’s shared responsibility.

We focus our commitment and maximise our impact across three pillars: Inclusive Society, Flourishing People and Healthy Planet.

Healthy Planet

Allianz is committed to tackling climate change. In 2005 we launched our first climate change strategy. We aim to mitigate and manage climate change by reducing our environmental impact and supporting disaster resilience and response.

Inclusive Society

Allianz is committed to contributing to an inclusive society. One in which all people – no matter their culture, background or ability – feel valued, and have the opportunity to use their unique skills and reach their full potential.

Flourishing People

Allianz is committed to the safety, mental health and wellbeing of all people. As an insurer, we play an essential role in society: when our customers purchase insurance, they are taking steps to better protect themselves should the unexpected occur.

Environmental Social Governance

As a global insurer, investor and asset manager, Allianz always considers certain ESG factors.

ESG factors are extra-financial factors that can influence, and be influenced by, our business activities. A focus on ESG issues supports Allianz’s core business and ensures living up to its corporate values, demonstrating responsibility in decision-making. ESG integration can both mitigate risks, as well as present positive opportunities and solutions.

For more information on our commitment to ESG integration, read our global approach.

Changing lives together

There is far more to Allianz Australia than just insurance. To further drive our social impact, Allianz participates in both community and sponsorship projects in Australia and around the world.

Worldwide Olympic and Paralympic Insurance Partnership

Allianz is the Official Insurance Partner of the Australian Olympic and Paralympic Teams.

Globally, Allianz is the Worldwide Olympic and Paralympic Insurance Partner, and joined The Olympic Partner program in January 2021.

Settlement Services International

Allianz’s commitment to supporting people of refugee background has been recognised by the Australian Human Rights Commission.

In partnership with Settlement Services International, Allianz provides education and employment opportunities – watch this video to hear from three people who joined Allianz through one of our programs.

Allianz Group

Around the world, the Allianz Group operates in over 70 countries and is active in spheres such as education, science, environment, health, social issues, the arts and more.

Group Sustainability Report

Sustainability is an integral part of our business and value system. The Group Sustainability Report showcases the actions we are taking across society including integrating ESG, transitioning to a low-carbon economy and improving social inclusion.

For more information on our global commitment to protecting people and businesses against risk, read our global approach.