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6 Ways Your Hawaiian Honeymoon Could Come Undone

Hawaii is one of the world’s most popular honeymoon destinations. When you choose the place where you want to begin your marriage, you’re also making one of your first responsible decisions of married life. Purchasing Hawaii travel insurance* is the most responsible way to set out to potentially cover costs relating to illness, injury, lost or stolen luggage, money and cards, lost, stolen or damaged possessions and cancelled flights and other bookings.

No newlywed couple wants to see their hard-earned money go to waste or be disappointed by losses. And you certainly don’t want to be out of pocket for health and medical-related expenses. Let’s take a look at the more undesirable things that could happen on your honeymoon, not to be pessimistic but to avoid such possibilities.

No. 1 Before you even leave

Wow, you’ve got so much to do in the lead-up to your wedding. Booking your honeymoon in Hawaii – even deciding on the destination – may be one of the more enjoyable tasks but remember, it’s not all fairy tales. In order to ensure your happy beginning, get your travel insurance sorted the minute you book your flights. If for some unavoidable reason, such as a death in your immediate family you have to cancel or reschedule your trip, your policy may cover your losses for flights and paid accommodation.

No. 2 Lovers’ lost luggage

You know all that expensive new designer resort wear you’ve bought? Consider it gone forever if it gets lost in transit never to appear again. Well, that is if you don’t have travel insurance. You don’t want to live out a scene from a Griswold’s movie about vacations gone wrong. You certainly don’t want to get around in a hibiscus-patterned oversized shirt and poorly fitting shorts. No, as soon as you know that your luggage is lost, purchase new clothes and if it still doesn’t turn up, make a call to your insurer.

Keep in mind that you may not be covered if you packed your valuables into your checked luggage, left your cases in a vehicle, left them unattended or had cash or travellers’ cheques stolen from them.

No. 3 Theft of your valuables

While we’re on the subject of losses, have a think about those sparkly new wedding bands. Do you take them off to go swimming or hiking? Bad idea. If you absolutely must remove them, store them in your hotel room safe but if you can keep them on you, do so. Same goes for other jewellery and of course, your valuable possessions such as your mobile phone, camera and tablet.

You must report the loss, theft or misplacement as soon as humanly possible. Whoever you choose to provide your travel insurance, they will likely have specified a time frame in their PDS, after which, your claim will be invalid. Most won’t insure for items left behind in a hotel or motel room. Again, read the PDS.

No. 4 Think of the weather

Well of course you’re thinking about the weather; it’s one of the main reasons people choose Hawaii as a holiday location. Being a tropical island, Hawaii is subject to weather events such as hurricanes, or cyclones. Most of the time they don’t cause any real damage however on occasion, downed power lines and road obstructions can be hazardous as a result. If planned and paid-for events have to be cancelled due to hazardous conditions, then you could be entitled to claim for losses. Meanwhile, as long as everything is at is sunshiny best, enjoy! Oh, and be careful of sunburn, sunstroke and dehydration.

No. 5 Getting sick on your honeymoon

Oh no! Just when you can finally relax after the tumultuous wedding planning, you fall sick with some exotic bug or you get food poisoning from something you bought from a street vendor. To avoid spending your honeymoon fighting off a fever or revisiting lunch, stay away from questionable foods, keep up your hygiene, drink plenty of fluids and avoid extreme temperature changes. Purchase medication from actual pharmacies that will help you feel better, e.g. anti-spasmodics for vomiting or diarrhea, pain relief meds, cough syrups and cold and flu tablets.

In the event that you suffer a more serious illness or sustain an injury such as getting dumped in the surf and dislocating your shoulder, report to your travel insurance provider without delay. You must follow your insurer’s medical advice and you can’t claim for a pre-existing condition. Also, be advised that if you participate in some adventure sports, you may not be able to claim for your injuries.

No. 6 Cancelled and delayed flights

It’s such a downer to have your travel plans thrown into disarray when you’ve jumped through many hoops to get time off work for your honeymoon. The good news is that your travel insurance can cover you for particular losses if these contingencies happened outside of your control. Read and understand your insurer’s PDS before attempting to make a claim, so you know your position.

Get the right documentation

To make any claim on your travel insurance, you must be prepared with all the right documentation. Keep all receipts, booking confirmations, medical certificates, death certificates, police reports and any other letters or papers for a couple of months after your return from your honeymoon. Also, before you go, take photos of your luggage, your valuables and even the contents of your luggage so you have proof of what you had. That way, if you have to make a claim, you’ll have evidence to show.

Your honeymoon should be a dream vacation for the two of you, with zero complications and one hundred per cent happiness, joy and relaxation. At least if you purchase travel insurance, you’ll minimise the disappointment of financial losses if something does occur.

Pack your sunscreen, prepare a wish list of things to do when you get there and look forward to sun, sand, surf and sea … as well as some excellent food, lots of smiles and a warm welcome!

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