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Fiji is a very popular destination for Australian travelers and caters for everyone - singles, couples and families.

In fact, it’s so popular that happy travellers keep going back there for repeat visits! Fiji is home to some of the happiest and friendliest people on Earth and they will show their world to you with open arms.

Fiji is whatever you want to make it – from a relaxing break to a more adventurous holiday packed full thrill seeking activities. The place sells itself - white sandy beaches, crystal clear ocean waters, and palm trees loaded with coconuts creates a postcard-perfect environment. Spend your time exploring, diving or snorkelling, whitewater rafting, hiking, birdwatching, sea kayaking or sailing. Or maybe even try your hand at a few rounds of golf! Otherwise, for those seeking a gentler pace, you can shop for souvenirs, clothes, local artefacts and arts. Many resorts and hotels provide kids clubs for children over four years of age with events catering for different age groups, including Fijian cultural activities.

Food is a central part of the Fijian way, and you’re bound to experience a ‘lovo’ feast where meat and vegetables are cooked underground for a few hours before being dug up and served. You will also find an array of European, Chinese, and Indian food available which is attributed to Fiji’s colourful history and heritage.

It’s so easy to be caught up in ‘Fiji Time’. You’ll be saying ‘Bula’ (hello) to everyone when you arrive home!

Getting Around Fiji

Accommodation providers on Viti Levu will often arrange transfers to and from Nadi airport for a fee. If your resort is located outside of Nadi or Denarau Island, you may require a stopover before moving on to your resort. If your resort is located at the outer islands, you may need to catch a ferry or helicopter to get there. Nadi airport also provides connecting flights to other islands.

Otherwise, if you’re staying on Viti Levu, Fiji has a fairly good public bus service and taxis are readily available and fairly inexpensive. There are also numerous car rental companies if you feel like self-driving and wish to explore the less visited areas.

Speak the Language

Fiji has three official languages - English, Fijian and Hindi. English is widely spoken, but you will receive a warm hearty smile even if you only know a couple of Fijian words.
Here are some useful Fijian phrases to know:

Safety Measures for Fiji.

Natural Disasters

Cyclone season for Fiji occurs from November to April and are unpredictable in terms of their direction, duration and intensity.

It is sometimes safest not to travel to a destination that has recently been hit by a bad storm or weather incident. Fiji can also subject to the occasional earthquakes.


The water is usually suitable for consumption without boiling as resorts are supplied by town water or have their own water treatment plants. However, resorts also stock bottled water if required. It is advisable to bring bottled water if travelling to rural and remote areas.

Medical facilities in Fiji are generally not as well-equipped as those in Australia, especially when you start to head out to outlying islands or remote villages. Though Fiji has a number of 4 and 5 star resorts and hotels, they are not normally equipped to deal with a medical emergency. Mosquito borne viruses like dengue fever are common in Fiji, as are typhoid, hepatitis, leptospirosis, tuberculosis, measles and mumps.

There are also potential health risks associated with the traditional drink, kava. Kava can react with alcohol and prescription medications, including anti-depressants.

Injuries such as cuts or grazes on the coral can lead to infections. Avoid swimming too close or standing near coral.

If you’re travelling with a baby, choosing accommodation that has air conditioning is highly recommended. Since it’s going to be hot and humid, take light clothes and plenty of sunscreen and insect repellent.

If required, visit your doctor at homefor appropriate vaccinations and health precautions.

Consider travel insurance that covers you for emergency medical treatment, and keep the phone number of your travel insurer handy in case of emergencies.

General Safety

Smartraveller advises that you exercise normal safety precautions within Fiji. While uncommon, robbery, theft and violent assault do occur in Fiji. Be cautious if out at night in the bigger cities like Nadi and Suva and do not venture into dimly lit places for risk for petty crime such as thefts or mugging. If you are the victim of a crime, lodge a police report immediately as you may need this information to make a claim on your travel insurance.

Where possible, avoid travelling at night to avoid stray animals and the variable quality of the roads. Potholes are common, so drive carefully if you need to navigate yourself safely to your destination.

Never leave your items unattended or in a situation where they may be able to be taken without your knowledge.

Minimise your risks by taking our travel insurance.

While generally a safe destination, visitors to Fiji are also advised to use common sense and caution while travelling to avoid the potential risks.

Being a smart traveller by getting vaccinated before you leave Australia and by taking precautions to minimise the risk of illness, accident or theft while overseas can help improve the chances of your trip to Fiji being memorable for all the right reasons. However, some things are outside even the most cautious traveller's control; ensuring you have adequate travel insurance is an essential way to minimise the costs of an illness or misadventure in Fiji.

Whether you have to change your travel plans for health reasons, have your new camera stolen or even suffer an injury that requires medical evacuation, Allianz Travel Insurance can help minimise the financial impact. Allianz offers Basic Travel Insurance, Comprehensive Travel Insurance and Multi TripTravel Insurance for your trip overseas. Get a quote from Allianz today!

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