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Cuba Looks 1950s but Has a Much Younger Energy

What’s not to love about Cuba? It has a culture infused with salsa dancing, mojitos, incredible food … and not just a little historical intrigue. On the 20th March 2015, decades-old tensions between Cuba and the USA were put aside and President Barack Obama visited the island (the first President in 80 years to set foot there). As the highest profile person in recent history to visit Cuba, travel insurance was probably not a responsibility of the Prez. For everyone else however, given the country’s ‘interesting’ profile, it should be a no-brainer.

What’s so great about Cuba?

Where do we start? If you love a bit of celebrity talk, think of the famous people who hail from there.

Here’s what to watch out for

Some things have a reputation in Cuba for being tourist hazards. Knowing what they are can help you avoid becoming a victim.

On the plus side

Cuba is, for the most part, a safe tourist destination. Drug trafficking through and out of the country is a reluctant industry because the penalties are so high. In fact, Cuban laws are extremely strict whether you’re a local or a foreigner and authorities are unlikely to be sympathetic. Committing a crime also means it’ll be unlikely that your travel insurance will cover you for losses that occur as a result of unlawful behaviour.

One of the most endearing aspects of Cuba is that, aesthetically, it seems to be stuck in a 1950s time warp, complete with the cars, architecture and even some of the fashions of the era. That gives it a sweet touch. On the other hand, it is gradually forging its way forward, now that the 47-year financial and commercial embargo has been lifted.

Go to Cuba for your next holiday and experience a laid-back lifestyle, music everywhere, fabulous food and the most luscious mojitos you’ll ever sip. Get your travel insurance squared away and read the PDS so you know what you’re covered for.

Then, get your dancing shoes on and look forward to living it up on this energetic island in South America.

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