Travelling to Bali

Bali is a popular overseas destination for Australians – it’s beautiful, close to home, and can be budget friendly. This island paradise caters for a variety of holiday styles. Choose your tempo – surf, sand and sun at Seminyak or unearth your inner bliss at a rainforest retreat in Ubud.

As with every destination, there are risks when travelling in Bali. This is where a travel insurance policy may come in handy. Before you leave home, consider the choice of travel insurance that covers you for overseas emergency assistance.

Allianz Travel Insurance has Basic, Comprehensive and Multi-Trip travel insurance policies for your next holiday in Bali. For an added premium, our Comprehensive and Multi-Trip plans offer optional additional cover for loss of personal effects and luggage, trip cancellation and more2.

For information about COVID-19 benefits under select policies, visit our COVID-19 benefits page.

Health and safety when travelling to Bali

Keeping safe in Bali

Theft and petty crime are common in Bali. Keep your valuables on your body and stay alert, especially in crowded areas and at night.

There is also the possibility of volcanic eruptions and tsunamis, and other natural events. Please refer to Smartraveller for the latest updates.

Staying healthy in Bali

Health risks in Bali can include diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, Japanese encephalitis and rabies. You may wish to consult with a travel doctor or clinic prior to travelling to understand any options for preventative measures.

Some medications are illegal in Indonesia, and harsh penalties can apply even if you have a valid prescription. Ensure your medication is legal before you arrive.

You may need to be evacuated for treatment elsewhere if you become seriously ill or injured. Being uninsured may mean you have to arrange payment for your evacuation before you can be treated.

Adventure activities in Bali

Bali is world-famous for its surfing, with thousands of tourists flocking to the legendary beach breaks and reefs each year.

Allianz Comprehensive Travel Insurance is designed to cover adventure activities like surfing (up to 2 nautical miles off any land mass) and snorkelling (at a depth no greater than 10 metres). If you plan on getting more adventurous with activities like abseiling or riding a motorcycle, consider purchasing an Adventure Pack as an add-on.

For a full list of sports and activities as well as what the Adventure Pack is designed to cover, read the Product Disclosure Statement.

Riding mopeds and motorcycles in Bali

If you plan to ride motorcycles, mopeds, motorised scooters or quad bikes, you might want to consider purchasing an Adventure Pack, which is an optional add-on for our Comprehensive policy.

The Adventure Pack is designed to cover eligible policy holders while riding on a motorcycle, moped, motorised scooter or quad bike2 if you meet the following conditions:

Allianz Travel Insurance is a great choice

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you get sick or injured on your trip, depending on the cover you select, travel insurance may help with your medical expenses as well as the costs of rescheduling your travel arrangements1. An Allianz Basic Travel Insurance policy is designed to cover for overseas medical and hospital expenses, including if you are positively diagnosed with COVID-192.

For coverage that is designed to include the above plus events such as accidental death and permanent disability2 and additional COVID-19 benefits1, consider choosing our Comprehensive Travel Insurance.

You can compare Allianz Travel Insurance plans to find out which product best suits your needs.

A general exclusion will apply to your policy and there will be no cover for claims arising from, contributing to, or caused by you being affected by any intoxicating liquor or drug — You must not be intoxicated to the extent that your physical, mental functions or judgment are impaired. This general exclusion does not apply if the intoxicating drug is a drug prescribed to you by a medical practitioner, and taken as instructed.

If there is no travel alert when you purchase your policy and commence your travel and your trip is interrupted by an ash cloud, you may be covered. You must however follow government advice.

If there is a travel alert or government advice regarding ash cloud prior to policy purchase, we may deny your claim as this would be considered a known event.

It’s important to understand that our policies have a general exclusion against travelling when there’s a travel alert or warning in place, this includes:

  • ‘Reconsider your need to travel’ alerts
  • ‘Do not travel’ alerts

Check Smartraveller for current travel alerts affecting Bali before you purchase a policy, before you leave Australia, and during your travels.

Consider the option of purchasing a Multi-Trip policy, which remains valid for 12 months2. You organise one policy and pay the one premium - just choose what your longest trip duration will be (choose from 15, 30 or 45 days).

Allianz Travel Insurance policies for Bali must be purchased before you leave Australia. Your trip must start and end in Australia also.